Friday, December 30, 2011

KitKat gone Japanese

I love Japan. Anime. Kawaii fashion. Oh-so-yummy food. And… KitKat in Green Tea, Melon, and Strawberry flavors???
As a certified Japanese wannabe, the highlight of my 3 week vacation in US was not my stay in L.A. or Florida but my Narita stopover. I had so much fun planking, running around, laughing, and panic buying.
I bought some Japanese ice cream (duo flavor in a cone), a clock (yes, I’m an impulse buyer), several key chains screaming “I Love Japan” and so much more. 

While buying practically everything I find appealing, I noticed a pile of KitKat boxes in different colors. Green Tea? Strawberry? Melon? *Happiness.
I bought a few boxes of each as I was not sure if the unusual flavors were good (plus my dollar supply was getting low with all of the food shopping I did in WalMart). It was just recently when I started opening my Japanese chocolates stash as I bought too many truffles for the month and I just had to eat it first as it was quite perishable.

First, Melon.
It was soooo good! There was the hint of melon but it was not overpowering the chocolate. Actually, I was surprised that the color of the KitKat was brown. I was hoping to see light green or pale orange. After finishing a pack, I didn’t care what color it was. The combination of melon and chocolate actually worked. I also liked that it was not very sweet.

Next stop, Green Tea.
The green tea taste was quite strong. I don’t think kids who are not used to drinking green tea would like this one but for those who are fond of matcha or sipping tea would rejoice and buy tons of this goodie. I actually enjoyed it but I still prefer melon over this one.

Last, Strawberry.
I was anticipating that what I will be seeing would be pink KitKat and Nestle did not fail me. It was indeed pink. The taste though was not far from those other chocolate strawberry bars you could buy in the supermarkets so I was a bit disappointed with this one in terms of having a different taste bud experience. But it was still very delightful.
These three flavors seemed to be less sweet for me compared to the ordinary KitKat bars. Or perhaps it was just me tricking my mind to think that since there was the hint of other flavors. 

You may also buy the Green Tea flavored KitKat at Moshi Moshi, 2nd Floor Regis Center, 327 Katipunan Ave., Brgy. Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

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