Thursday, December 22, 2011

I-Feel-Elite-Sunday: Bistecca

My friends and I have this tradition of having dinners to celebrate all kinds of occasions—Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s, and yes, even Halloween. This year, since we all felt that so many things were worth celebrating and that we were on our “feeling rich” mode, we decided to go all out.
I want steak! I do not care where we were going to have dinner as long as the restaurant serves steak. I was thinking of Mamou but my friend suggested that we go for Bistecca. I was intrigued by the Truffle Fries everyone has been raving about so I agreed. 
We had a 6PM reservation and still full from our heavy lunch and movie snacks, we entered at 6:15 (we got scared that they might cancel our reservation!) and sat down to check the menu. 
The steaks are priced at PHP250-450 per 100g. We ordered The Bistecca 122 and the smallest cut available that night was 1.1kg making our steak worth PHP3,245. We also ordered the famous Truffle Fries (PHP220) and Spicy Caesar Salad (PHP295). I resisted the temptation of ordering an alcoholic drink and ordered a fruit shake instead.

We managed to finish the complimentary bread in an instant. Apparently, our heavy lunch and movie snacks decided to make room for dinner. We were actually not planning to order the salad but we were too impatient to wait for the steak without munching on something.

 Finally, the salad arrived. 
If it was served without the spicy dressing, I would have said that it was a typical Caesar Salad. But it wasn’t. The spiciness of the dressing added kick to the greens and really boosted our appetite. We were practically drooling for more food. A warning though for those with low tolerance to anything spicy; make sure that you have a glass of water or any beverage on standby. 

Now for the famous Truffle Fries…
It was really tasty. The smell though was a bit too strong for me that I had to ask my friends to move it to the opposite end of the table. It was fried perfectly as it was crispy yet not the hard type. It was also drizzled with a very generous amount of truffle salt. Yummy but I prefer to have it away from me. I’d just get a few and move away.

Last but not the least, our steak, The Bistecca 122.
The server first presented the steak as a whole before having it sliced. (I’m not really sure if this was an S.O.P. for Bistecca or if the servers were just giving us the option to slice the steak ourselves. I’m just glad that I was able to take a picture of it as a whole.) We requested to have it cooked medium well-done as to avoid eating dry meat so I was expecting a lot of juiciness from the steak.
Upon serving our sliced meat, the server also gave us two bottles of olive oil (one had lemon in it) and three cups of salt—chili, garlic, and truffle.
I was a bit disappointed that it was not as juicy as I thought. It was a tad dry for me. I needed to add some oil to make it tastier. The garlic salt was divine though. I just wished that we had some mashed potatoes as well.

Munching on the Truffle Fries, Spicy Caesar Salad, and steak with a bit of “retouch” made this dinner a delightful one. I will surely miss one of the girls I shared this dinner with but I’m sure that I’ll get to see her again soon and we’ll have a blast!
Bistecca is located at 122 Joya, Rockwell, Makati City. It is right across Power Plant Mall. You may call them at 403-5231 for reservations.


  1. I like how sparkly the staircase looks! ;p The food looks delicious, though it does seem like a pricey place. Hehe.

  2. It is quite pricey. Our bill was PHP4000++. I'll probably stick with the truffle fries next time. :)


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