Monday, December 19, 2011

Breakfast Lovers Haven: Agahan

I love breakfast. In fact, I love it so much that I do not mind eating it for lunch or dinner (given that it was freshly cooked). Garlic rice, tapa, scrambled eggs, sunny side up, hot chocolate, boneless bangus, pancakes, I could just go on and on and on but I’m too afraid that I might end up eating my keyboard.
I got an invite from Adee Caluag to check her first ever business venture, Agahan. The name itself was enough to convince me to pay the new restaurant a visit. 
Cute interiors. A big smile was plastered on my face when Adee said that the color combinations were inspired by Real Living
While checking the menu, my friend asked who Nico, Joanne and Ligaya were. Apparently, 2 of them were crew members (or one was supposed to be a crew member) while Ligaya (or Gay actually) is Adee’s sister. I find it brilliant that the owner thought of naming the staff’s creations with their names. It gave them a sense of ownership and a happier work environment.
I love their iced tea! It was not sweet making it very refreshing!
It was already lunch time when we arrived but it did not hinder us from trying the following: Pancakes (PHP75 for 3 pieces), Chicken Nuggets (PHP70, side dish; PHP100 for set meal), Nico’s Peanut Butter Sandwich (PHP50), Bacon and Mushroom 2-egg omelette (PHP90), Unlimited Brewed Coffee (PHP50), Organic Iced Tea (PHP50) and Ligaya’s Tapa (PHP150). 
Nico’s Peanut Butter Sandwich arrived first and my friend loved it. The bread was toasted crisp and the peanut butter was not the oily type. She enjoyed it with her brewed coffee as there was the subtle contrast of bitterness and sweetness of flavors.
The Bacon and Mushroom 2-egg omelette arrived next. It was flatter than I thought it would be. I wasn’t able to taste the bacon that much but I like the fact that it was not oily or messy to eat. The small cuts of toasted bread were delightful. 
The chicken nuggets on the other hand stole my heart! I wasn’t expecting much from chicken nuggets as what could be different? I have been eating nuggets every since I learned how to chew. But this one was quite not the type I was used too. It was crispy on the outside yet really juicy and flavorful in the inside. It was LOVE. I was told that it was locally sourced (just like everything else on the menu except for the milk). I should frequent food expos this 2012.
The mini yet fluffy pancakes were served right after the nuggets. There were cute imprints of a butterfly on each pancake. It will sure make the kids entertained while eating this breakfast favorite. I just hoped that they also have jams as alternative to butter as butter was already served with the toasts. (Warning: Mini as they may seem but do not underestimate these pancakes! I got full eating these!)
 Now for the bestseller Ligaya’s Tapa!
I really love that it was not the oily tapa as I have tried so many tapa swimming in oil that gave me an impression that I was having soup. This one was different though. The tapa was still succulent yet not oily. It had the salty yet a hint of tanginess taste that I loved. However, since I was too full, I hardly touched my garlic rice and ate the tapa with the scrambled egg making it a bit too salty for me (yet I still managed to finish it because it was that good). The serving was quite generous for the price.

Around this time, we were already trying to adjust our belts discreetly but Adee suggested that we try her sister’s Chocolate Chip Banana Cake as well. 

Sorry, my full tummy clouded my mind for a second and I failed to take a picture of it while it was “untouched”. 
The cake was very moist and soft. It was indeed chocolatey yet not overpowering the taste of the banana. It was a really good dessert. 
I would definitely go back for more of that tapa. I will make sure though that I will be there with an empty stomach so that I could eat it with garlic rice and make a special request of having my egg sunny side up.

Agahan is located at 1012 Metropolitan Ave., San Antonio Village, Makati City. You may also call them at 822-5057 for delivery.


  1. Who doesn't? :) Try their nuggets. It's different from McDonalds. The tapa's good too. :)

  2. Oi! Bat di mo ako sinama dito??? Next time bring me! :D

  3. It's a bit far but sure. :) Mind Museum first though.


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