Friday, December 23, 2011

Arabian Night: World Class Persian Kebab

For some odd reason, I craved for shawarma in the middle of the night. I even told my mom that I plan to go to some place one night just to satisfy my begging taste buds but since it was almost 11pm that time, she didn’t allow me to go out at all. Thus, my craving lasted for two days. Luckily, a friend was planning to have a mini shawarma dinner (and I had no idea why) and I thanked the food gods for it. 

One Friday night, I found myself standing in front of the World Class Persian Kebab. I heard from some people that this place serves really good kebab. I’ve known them as foodies so I trust their taste.

As we entered the place, the first thing that registered to my mind was a carinderia type of place as it was not a pretty sight at all. We decided to dine at the second floor and the set up there was much better. It looked more… Arabian.

The menu was quite extensive. There were different kebabs and other Mediterranean dishes and very affordable as well. I have this knack though of unknowingly ordering one of the pricey dishes available. At least this time, it was still very much affordable. 
I decided to stick with the Chicken Chelo Special (PHP170) as I just can’t get over chicken. The others ordered Beef Kebab (PHP50), Homous (PHP50) with Pita Bread (PHP12/each), and Ox Brain (PHP55). I also ordered Yogurt Shake (PHP35) as my beverage/dessert.

The service was quite fast. First served was the pita and homous. My friend was able to finish it so I assume that it was pretty good. Plus even if it wasn’t, PHP50 won’t put a dent your wallet.
Next served was the Ox Brain. It was pretty bland for my taste. It had this jello smooth texture. I hoped that it had more lime on it though to give it more taste.
As for my Chicken Chelo Special, it was pretty much okay. It was tender and juicy. The white sauce I love to use like soup on rice made it even tastier. However, my taste buds were spoiled by The Kebab Factory thus I was looking for the hint of tanginess from the meat. It wasn’t there.
I’d say that the beef kebab was such a steal. My other friend finished it in an instant so I (again) assume that it was good. Maybe I should try that next time. 
The yogurt shake on the other hand was yummy. It really tasted like yogurt. It was a bit tangy yet still sweet. For PHP35, the serving was pretty generous. I had a hard time finishing it. (Actually, I wasn’t able to finish it at all.)

World Class Persian Kebab is located at Santolan Ave., Ortigas, Quezon City. They also have branches at Quezon Avenue and E. Rodriguez.

Photos by Nalani Rachel

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  1. My boyfriend loves kebab. I think it's his goal to taste all the persian restos in Manila to find the perfect kebab dish. ;) I will tell him about this!


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