Friday, December 9, 2011

Let’s Paint the Town… PINK.

One chilly night, we decided to brave the cold winds and bend down to look for stars… at the WALK OF FAME area in Hollywood. But this is another story. The Tommy’s trip after the long walk is also another story. What I wanted to share in this entry is how we painted the town… pink. Or how the wind made our noses pink.
Another must visit place according to my friends was Pinkberry. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about this place… that it serves really good yogurt, that the place is über cute, and Kim Kardashian loves hanging out here (uh, where did this come from?).
We were supposed to go home already as it was already past 12 midnight when we finished posing with the stars… on the floor of the Walk of Fame. But our eager tour guide R wanted to tour us around Burbank. As he was the one who does the driving, we just sat back quietly as he drove to the place he called his “favorite hangout”.
With our toes curled and noses turning pink, we strolled around Burbank and saw… PINKBERRY. Well, they were about to close already when we arrived yet they still welcomed us with smiling faces. I love you already!
They had several flavors available: original, pumpkin, chocolate, peanut butter, pomegranate and coconut (for some reason, coconut seemed to be a hit in the States). Prices were as low as $3.00 for a plain yogurt in a cone and as high as $7.95 for large cup of yogurt with toppings. We opted to order one large cup of yogurt with toppings for sharing as my mom was not really in the mood for dessert. My sister was the one given the “privilege” to choose and she chose chocolate (but I prefer original for the tangy yogurt taste).
Since she was the one who chose the flavor, I got to choose one of the toppings and I chose strawberries to add tanginess to the dessert. My sister opted for some wafers and almonds. Not. Adventurous. Pfff.

While waiting, I ogled at the cute display on the shelves. I thought I had a heart attack from cuteness overload! 

Now back to the chocolate yogurt…
The chocolate yogurt was for the yogurt newbies not really open to the real tangy taste of yogurt. It was sweet and it tasted like chocolate ice cream. But I’d like to say bravo to Pinkberry on the consistency of the yogurt. It was very smooth and not icy at all. It was almost like gelato that came out of the Taylor machine. 
I’m just thrilled that I do not have to fly back to the States to get hold of this awesome yogurt. I can’t wait to visit the Pinkberry store in Greenbelt 5, Makati. Foodies, it opened last December 7, 2011! See you there!

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