Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Food Delivery Finds: Aedan's Burger

I have been eating a lot of galactagogues since I gave birth a few months ago. I stuff myself with everything that would make me produce more milk. Too much that I shut down ideas of giving in to what I want to eat. But now that my milk supply stabilized, I could finally take a bit of a break and indulge. And the first thing I did was grab a double patty burger.

Hello, Aedan’s Burger.

Aedan’s Burger is one of the newest burger joints in Manila. Established during a global pandemic, Aedan’s has put attention in making its products readily available via delivery.

With a detailed online ordering platform, mobile app, social media presence, and traditional call or text, Aedan’s made itself accessible to everyone. It also has a stand-alone shop for those who prefer to enjoy their burgers fresh from the kitchen.

I had my order placed via Instagram, and they were quick to respond. I went with its Double-Wouble (Php150), Krunchy Chicken Burger (Php125), Bacon-n-Bacon (Php150), and Triple F—Fresh French Fries (Php55).

The order placement was a breeze! The delivery team was very proactive, a trait I find quite rare these days. I have trouble getting a decent mobile signal at home, so the team gave me updates on Viber, WhatsApp, and Instagram! I got my order too right away.

I was so happy that the fries were still in great shape when it arrived. It was still warm and not soggy at all.

I found Double-Wouble bang for the buck. One order could be shared by two, and you’d still find yourself satisfied. It would have been better though with much tangier tomato ketchup. But that’s just my preference too.

Bacon-n-Bacon is more of a bacon sandwich than a burger. I was hoping that the bacon would have that to-die-for crunch, but its texture was closer to ham. At that price point, I’d go with Double-Wouble instead. But if you prefer something lighter, this might be a better choice for you.

I quickly fell in love with Krunchy Chicken Burger. I might be biased as I love chicken burgers. But this one had coleslaw, giving each bite that addictive creamy and tangy kick! The crunch, too, made this one a winner in my book.

I was told that aside from Double-Wouble, Aedan’s other bestseller is its Awesome Hawaiian. Just putting it out there in case you’d like to give Aedan’s Burger a try.

Aedan’s Burger’s physical store is at #92-C K-1st Street corner Judge Jimenez, Kamuning, Quezon City. You can also order via Instagram, Facebook, website, or its mobile app (link available on its website). You can also reach them via mobile at +63 995 2502400, +63 929 8507733, or +632 8 551 4267.

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