Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Roast 2020 with Kenny Rogers Roasters

2020 is not the favorite year of many. With several crazy things that happened, the Australia wildfire and the Taal Volcano eruption seemed so small for some. The global pandemic takes the top spot but we also cannot ignore the damages typhoons Rolly and Ulysses did to several cities a couple of months back. And while all of us are still struggling to cope with the new normal, others are still trying to stand on both feet after months of lockdown. 2020 is one year hard to forget (and perhaps get over with) and this is why Kenny Rogers created a space for everyone to roast the year and put it behind us, with fire! Literally.

Hello, Kenny Rogers Roasters.

Kenny Rogers thought of a creative way to let steam off by literally roasting the year in a delectable way. With meat shaped as 2020, it was roasted last December 29, live on Facebook, as people commented below their best roasts for 2020. 

I was surprised that despite the challenges we all faced, many were still thankful for the most eventful year of the decade. And I am too. I may miss traveling, dining out, and doing grocery runs, but spending time with my family, especially my newborn makes every second perfect. 

Post your best 2020 roast on Kenny Rogers' #Roast2020 post and get a chance to win a special treat from them this coming 2021. Nothing beats a yummy roast (and healthy) chicken to start the year right!

Check the post here.

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