Tuesday, September 15, 2015

First Bite: Nori Sushi Burrito x Yakitori in Kapitolyo

After several months, I am back, Kapitolyo! I read a couple of restaurant reviews on the new establishments in Kapitolyo, one of which is Nori. Since it has been getting a lot of buzz, I decided to invite my mom, sister and R to have lunch there last Sunday.
Hello, Nori!
Just like most Kapitolyo restaurants, parking is a challenge. Luckily, R and I were early and got the one and only parking of the restaurant. My mom came in a bit later and she parked a block away. 

The menu is simple and you only have a handful of options to choose from which makes ordering easier for the fickle-minded. We ordered Bacon Crab Sticks (PHP39/stick), Chicken Yakitori (PHP39/stick), Mojos (PHP69), Chicken Teriyaki Burrito (PHP149), Beef Bulgogi Burrito (PHP169), Miso Glazed Salmon Burrito (PHP189), Angus Beef Teriyaki (PHP119) with one raw egg (PHP10). We also ordered house blend iced tea (PHP55).
First served were our drinks and mojos. The iced tea was sweet yet refreshing. It went well with the mojos which were thinly sliced and nicely spiced. I also enjoyed dipping the mojos with the Wasabi Mayo (which was not spicy at all).
Next served was my Miso Glazed Salmon Burrito. I liked the sweet sauce but I find it a bit off with the cabbage for some reason. The salmon was also a bit dry. And it was messy to eat. The fried potato chips on the side added a nice texture to the dish but it was slightly burnt having a bitter taste.
The yakitori sticks soon followed and the Bacon Crab Stick is literally crab sticks with bacon. It was okay though quite oily. The chicken yakitori was pretty ordinary too. Both were a bit salty so it might be good to eat it with rice.
My sister’s Chicken Teriyaki Burrito was equally hard to eat. Since it frustrated her, she decided to open the burrito and eat it with chopsticks. The chicken teriyaki was so-so. It’s your usual sweet chicken strips.
My mom’s beef bulgogi had a nice flavor but the beef was tough! It was hard to chew so she just ate half of the burrito. (And she was also on a diet anyway.)
R’s Angus Beef Teriyaki rice bowl looks inviting with raw egg on top. (No photo though because my hands were busy trying to keep my burrito together.) But he said that it was also nothing special.

The idea of mixing Japanese food with Mexican cuisine was interesting but it needs that oomph for us to visit again. (Perhaps when they added some desserts in the menu?)

Nori is located at 1st Street, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City. It is in front of Kanto Freestyle Breakfast.

Nori Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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