Thursday, August 28, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: Hillcrest Wellness Café

Since we were already in the area, V and I opted to walk around Teachers Village and look for an interesting place to have dessert after a filling meal thanks to Cocina Juan. After a short walk, V noticed a coffee shop with a bookshelf and that attracted him like a fly to light. So, we found our dessert place.

Hello, Hillcrest Wellness Café.
It has a modest café set up that gives an impression of a school lounge of some sort. The menu is quite simple too but the Moringaccino (PHP120) sure made me curious. Moringa with cappuccino? I’ve never heard of that before. And so, I just have to order that one. V, as a person who doesn’t drink coffee (*gasp* I know!), opted for Strawberry Banana Wellness Shake (PHP145). We also ordered a Banana Mango crepe (PHP185). It was a good thing that they have Moringaccino to distract me as the person manning the counter could not answer any of my questions except which one is their bestseller.
My coffee tasted a bit like matcha. It had a strong “green” taste. It tasted healthy though so I didn’t find finishing the cup sinful.

V’s Strawberry Banana Shake on the other hand tasted like a Banana shake. I guess they scrimped on strawberries as this fruit is so expensive here! (Oh how I miss the cooler countries where strawberries are really cheap.)
The crepe took them a while to serve. I think 30 minutes have gone when they served it. V had to follow it up before they served the crepe.

I was pretty surprised with the serving as it was pretty generous. However, the mangoes were not sweet at all. It was tangy. But I like it that way. It made a good contrast with the bananas, ice cream and chocolate syrup. Deeeelightful.

It’ll probably take me a while before I visit this place again but I will definitely order Moringaccino.

Hillcrest Wellness Café is located at  48 Malingap Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.

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