Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: Epicurious Manila

Grumpy tummies. I was with two ladies with grumpy tummies. Yes, I'm talking about my mom's and sister's. They insisted that we eat somewhere we've been before but I was persistent that we try something new. The problem though is that I have been to most restaurants in Shangri-La and we're running out of options until I discovered... Epicurious Manila!
 At first, I thought Epicuious Manila was just a deli shop. Okay, it is a deli shop and a restaurant in one but I was confused with how to order as I didn't see the sign right away. And when I did, I was looking where I could get order slips.
Apparently, all you have to do is approach one of the crew members and tell them what you want from the chillers. They could also cook the meat and fish for you if you want though it will be served as is so you need to add a bit more for side dishes.
Now that we somehow get it, we finally got to order, the deli shop way. I asked for the following: Australian Pasta Salad (PHP250), Mac 'N Cheese (PHP250), Mushroom Soup (I forgot to note the price), Marble Potato Salad (PHP160), Salmon with Mashed Potato on the side (starting price was PHP380) and we also ordered two bottles of Phoenix New Zealand organic drinks--Apple Pear and Apple Pomegranate (PHP120 each).  

This place was supposed to be self-service but I guess our Bambi eyes convinced the servers that we were very confused customers so they served everything to us. 
The Potato Balls were yummy! It was boiled just right and I love the tangy taste of the dressing. 
The Cream of Mushroom was super salty! It was indeed creamy but we all wished that they added a bit more water to lessen the saltiness. Sadly, this one is no different from a can of Campbell soup.
The Mac 'N Cheese tasted weird too. It was too salty as well and the pasta seemed a bit hard. I guess the saltiness was because of the cheese. I just hope that the cheese was slightly melted and the type that stretches when you get a spoonful.
The Australian Pasta Salad was pretty good. Though it's just like your macaroni salad. Nonetheless, it was filling as the serving was pretty generous.
I enjoyed the pan-fried salmon though. Then again, I really love salmon so I could be biased. It was slightly overcooked but it's okay. The mashed potato though was bland so this time around, we had to ask for salt and pepper to add taste. 
We had a few leftover after the meal and called the waiter that we'd like to have it wrapped and he said, "Okay" and left. Ten minutes later, we realized that we have to go back to the center of the shop and bring our food there so that they could wrap it for us. He should have just said so.
Overall, it was a very interesting experience. We also bought a few pastry products to take home. I read that the steaks were the best ones there so I think I have to go back again to try it. :)

Epicurious Manila is located at East Wing, Lower Ground, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.

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  1. i tried the steaks there, they're great with a very affordable price! i got my steak for 600+ at 330 grams more or less. :)


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