Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gluttonshopper on an L.A. (Mis)Adventure

If you're in L.A., a car is not a want, it's a necessity. Going around places is difficult without one. But the thing is, if you don't have one, you can't keep on relying on someone who has. You just have to brave it up and explore! And so I did.
During my first trip in L.A., I was with my mom and sister and we used to take the bus together. We have been to Chinatown, Glendale, and Hollywood via bus. And we didn't get lost at all thanks to the detailed bus route from one of my aunts. (Plus you are braver when you're with someone.) I also took the bus last year once on my own and I was confident simply because I know where I was going, my favorite mall, Americana.

But yesterday was a different situation. I wanted to visit my Aunt's dad who got confined in a hospital in Glendale but I have no idea how to go there from Carson. And I have never tried riding the bus around Carson
So I did a bit of research and found some apps to use. I downloaded four but ended up using just one and deleted the other two since they were all MAJOR FAIL. I kept the other one for double checking routes and schedules.
The app that I used is named Smart Ride and it made me smart... after an hour of getting lost. Remember I was supposed to go to Glendale? I ended up in San Pedro, the total opposite side! I called N to tell him that and he was, "HUWAAAAT? What are you doing there?!" to which I answered back, "It's far huh? Unexpected sightseeing." Yes, it was one misadventure. But I'll definitely go back! I want to check the lighthouse! *Tourist mode*
The signage I saw beside my bus stop. From
N suggested that I just go back home but since a friendly passenger gave me a FREE one-day pass, I decided to max it out and still go visit my aunt's dad. (Side story: The bus driver of the wrong bus I rode was one mean driver and by mean, it's not a compliment. He just passed by my stop but luckily, a guy had to go down. The nice passenger held the bus for me  and then cursed at the driver for not stopping. When I got in, the bus started to move again and the passengers were nice enough to help me keep my balance. Then when I was supposed to buy a transit card with a one-day pass credit, he said he doesn't have any and asked me to pay regular fare instead. But a guy who introduced himself as George gave me his card. Weee! But on the way back to the right end, he missed several stops even though there were people waiting for him. Tsk.)
Finally, I made it to the Transit Center which has a lot of bus hubs and I had a hard time looking for the silver line. The Chinese ladies who were there started to approach me and talked to me in Chinese which I do not understand. (I guess they were lost? Then again, I'm lost too!) But a nice bus driver directed me to the right hub. And after 2 more transfers, I finally made it to the hospital.
Going back, I learned my lesson and I always ask the driver if the bus will pass by my stop. And I for 2 out of 3 right! Yeah!
Watching the passengers pretty much helped me stay up the whole time (as I was getting sleepy from exhaustion and hunger for I skipped lunch). There I saw a guy who gave me an awkward stare, lovely hyper kids and a stranger who gives them very scary looks, a friendly woman who was sharing her failed love life, and more!
POV from my bus stop
I can't wait to explore more! :)

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