Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Jolly Christmas Ahead?

Facebook has become my source of the latest news (and gossip). It never fails to give me interesting reads. Last week, one particular news that caught my attention was Jollibee's latest offering...

Jollibee's Dancing Doll.
Image from Jollibee's Facebook page
Okay, my initial reaction was, who would want that?! The doll looked creepy in so many ways. But I guess the picture did not give the doll justice as after watching the teaser, I want not one but three for myself!!!
Here's another video of a kid with her new toy. Apparently, it sings too! If you attended a birthday party at Jollibee, you'd recognize the song. It's the song Jollibee sings and dances to. *cute*

And believe me, kids go crazy when they see Jollibee. This must be the most charming bug ever!

P.S. I'm not sure how much they produced but to be safe, get yours now!  

Video credits: 
Jollibee Dancing Doll teaser from Jollibee PH channel
Jollibee Dancing Doll with kid from Rockstar Momma channel

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