Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gamer 101: League of Legends World Championship Season 3

I hardly play computer games because if I do, I don't sleep. I get mesmerized and won't stop till I finish all levels or get the highest possible score. And yes, I do not sleep even with SIMS. That's how bad my relationship is with games. But N is a hardcore gamer. And he bought me a ticket to watch the League of Legends (LOL) World Championship Season 3 with him. I had no choice. The ticket has been paid for and it's not cheap at all.

We hurriedly drove towards Staple Center as N was worried that we might not be able to make it on time and that finding a parking slot will be a challenge. But we easily found one at a crazy price of $20! It's valet parking though so we thought it was a good deal until... a few steps away, there's a parking area that has valet too for just $5! Lesson #1: Be patient.
There's a line before you could get in and waiting outside wasn't so bad as I was busy taking pictures of the crowd and a handful of cosplayers.
Inside, we got our first loot bag filled with cheering gears and a shirt of the Championship. Mine's XL though. D:
And most can be found on ebay now.
We also got codes for new skin for Thresh and a Pulsefire Ezreal statue! It's pretty cool. (Oh no, am I transforming?)
Before heading to our seats, I bought a cinnamon pretzel from Wetzel's Pretzels. Still the fat showered with cinnamon fluffy pretzel I remember. And N enjoyed it too!
When we got to our seats, we still had to wait for almost an hour before the main show starts and it gave me ample time to blow my inflatable cheering sticks and decide on who to root for. I chose SK Telecom T1. 

The show started with a musical number from amazing artists who (as I heard) did the score for the game. Amazing sounds, amazing performance. (I can't seem to upload the video though.)

Soon, it was game time between Royal and T1. Royal is from China and N rooted for them.
The first two games were pretty intense though it was pretty clear that T1 was killing Royal. I have no idea why I got so excited during the team fights. I guess cheering with thousands of other people helped.
There were short presentations sandwiched between each game and we got to know the players a bit better. It's undeniable that both parties have this humble attitude towards the game. This I think helps them work better as a team. (Faker's awesome!!!)
The last game was a bummer though as Royal seemed to have given up. It was the shortest game of the 3 matches and T1 was hailed victorious with 3-0. 
Watching those games somehow motivated me to learn the game but I think I need to coordinate my brain and fingers a bit more as when I tried tutorial before, I felt my fingers got tangled up!
Oh well, as gamers say it, GG.


  1. wooow, awesome photos! It's my dream to go to LoL championship (maybe in season 4 it won't be too far from me :)) )

    1. You better be! :) The championship was awesome!!! :)

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