Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tasty Dinner: Pho Tasty

I’m a sucker for the word “tasty”. If the restaurant has that word as part of its name, I’d most likely try it. I also go for the “chef recommended” and the dishes with hearts beside it. Thus after the chilly San Francisco trip, N and I decided to have dinner at a pho restaurant and guess what, the name of the restaurant is… Pho Tasty.

Hey ho, Pho Tasty!
The place was packed when we arrived and it was already a bit past 9 p.m.. It must be one popular pho place.
We managed to get a table after 15 to 20 minutes and we immediately ordered two bowls of pho with assorted meat and a plate of spring rolls. I also ordered a glass of Iced Jasmine Tea and N ordered his all-time favorite… Taro (shake version with pearls). 

The service was very quick as we were not able to touch our spring rolls yet when the bowls of hot pho arrived. N’s bowl is bigger than mine (I think he ordered Super Bowl if I’m not mistaken) while I ordered the medium bowl.
The spring rolls were your typical spring rolls. It was served fresh and I just love the crunch of the veggies inside.
Photo direction by N as he wanted to show that his bowl is bigger. Competitive! :))
The pho on the other hand was superb! Served really hot, I enjoyed warming myself. 
Actually, I think N and I were both so hungry that half of the time we were not talking and just kept on slurping and slurping. It was deeeelish. And if I recall it correctly, the price was pretty reasonable with $7 for the largest bowl. (Did I get that right, N?)
The assorted meat was generous too. It was just enough (or a bit more than enough) for my appetite. I think I ate all the meat. The soup was pretty good as well as it wasn’t salty and was seasoned just right.
Our drinks? N’s drink wasn’t sweet and was quite refreshing. Mine was pretty good too if you like Jasmine tea. The tea taste wasn’t very strong though.
Pho love~~~ <3

Pho Tasty is located at 19117 Pioneer Boulevard (South St.), Cerritos, CA 90701. Be prepared to wait for a bit to get seated during peak hours.

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