Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Late Lunch: Cibo

I just realized that I really play favorites when I am at Shangri-La. Well, there are limited options but my top picks are always Cibo and Pages Deli. (I miss Fish & Co. though.)

One Sunday afternoon, my family and I decided to have lunch before heading to a kiddie party in Makati. Since we plan on having lunch somewhere near, we opted to drop by Shangri-La which is just 5 minutes away from our place and headed straight for Cibo.
It was already past lunchtime when we arrived and we were really famished. I opted to order Pappa Al Pomodoro (PHP173), Porchetta (PHP390) and a glass of Pomelo Shake (PHP119). My mom and sister on the other hand decided to share a Parmigiano Pizza (PHP325).
Service was quite quick and just after a few minutes, my soup arrived.
It had the tanginess of the tomato and it also had an herby taste to it. I loved how the soaked croutons added texture to the soup calming my grumpy tummy.
My Porchetta arrived soon giving me hardly enough time to finish my soup. And since the table was rather small for a party of three, I had to turn over my bowl to my mom who gladly finished it for me.
The Porchetta looked great and I got excited to try the different sauces. The mushroom rice pilaf was delightful as the slightly saltiness of it added extra flavor to the pork. The three sauces—apple and pear, red wine liver, and spicy tomato were really good though my favorite is the apple and pear as the sweetness of the sauce was a great contrast with the tender pork and rice. (Can’t stand spicy food, fret not as the spicy tomato wasn’t spicy at all.)
The Parmigiano pizza on the other hand was quite bland for my taste. I guess I still prefer pizza with the works. Nonetheless, my sister, who happens to be a cheese fanatic, enjoyed every slice of it. :)
As for my pomelo shake, it was very refreshing. I can’t wait to order another glass!

Cibo is located at 2nd floor, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.


  1. I love Cibo too! I'm so craving for that pomelo drink right now....:)

    1. Cibo's drinks are pretty good! And it's not so expensive. Love love love!


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