Thursday, September 13, 2012

Konnichiwa, Roboto San!

It has been quite a while since I last saw some of my college block mates given that some of them moved to the other side of the world. So, when I found out that R will be visiting Manila, we took the opportunity to somehow catch up. It was also the perfect opportunity for me to ask for a travel itinerary as I will be traveling next month (and I am so excited to explore and try new dishes!!!).

I find it odd that every time I meet a balikbayan friend, we always end up dining in a non-Filipino restaurant. Last time was way back February where N (boy) and I had dinner at a Korean restaurant. This time though, R and I had a mini reunion at… Roboto San.

Konnichiwa, Roboto San!
N (girl) had coupons that were about to expire and I just can’t stand wasting a good deal. R and I were originally planning to meet up for brunch and I thought that a Filipino restaurant would be a brilliant idea but the coupon entered the picture and changed everything. To make things more fun, I invited A as well as she knows R.

Anyway, we all met a bit past lunch time so we were nursing some grumpy tummies. R was there early so he managed to get us seats. Yipee!
We hurriedly attacked the buffet table after moving to more comfortable seats and I spotted… SALMON SASHIMI. I took everything that was left on the platter except for 3 little slices as to still maintain my “girl” image.
I also took some maki and fried items such as tempura, katsudon, and some other food I don’t recall as I just kept piling my plate with food I fancy.
The salmon sashimi was great! I enjoyed my half a plate of it and the makis were pretty good too. I’m not sure what they call the sour yet spicy dish served on a spoon but it tasted like kinilaw. All of the other fried dishes I got were pretty good as well, not outstanding but good.
I got excited with dessert as I spotted a few chocolatetreats. But it wasn’t that good. I enjoyed my bowl of halo-halo more (which was an odd addition to the Japanese buffet). Come to think of it, I never liked the desserts stations of the eat-all-you-can places except for the hotel buffets.
Notice that I didn’t mention the items for grilling? I usually eat it only when someone cooks it for me. Spoiled, I know. But hey, the only food I’m willing to cook and wait for it in a restaurant is samgyeopsal. In most cases, I’ll keep myself busy eating.
Our coupon costs PHP400 each and I think it was pretty worth it given I took a lot of salmon sashimi which would have amounted to over PHP600 if I were to order it elsewhere. Normal bill per person would average to PHP700 (inclusive of a drink) but I think Yakimix and Sambokojin have better variety of dishes. Nonetheless, it was a pleasant dining experience.

Roboto SanJapanese Grill Buffet is located at the 2nd floor, Crossroads, 32nd St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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