Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Night With Buddha

It all started when H texted me about this place in Makati that was rumored to be a local celebrity magnet. I Googled it and the food fascinated me (in denial of being a fan girl). Anyway, it took us quite a while before we get to match our schedules but finally, we get to visit Buddha Bar last week.
It was one rainy Saturday when we decided to pay this hyped place a visit. At first my “old lady” instinct was battling with my “glutton” self. But alas, the glutton won and I found myself waiting for H at a nearby mall’s lobby.
Giddy, we found our way with the help of several guards and Google map.
When we entered, I had a hard time walking as I could barely see the steps (as I’m a bit blind when it’s too dark). We were ushered to the second floor as it is Buddha Bar’s dining area while the first floor serves as the lounge.
As soon as we got hold of the menu, we read the whole thing from appetizers down to desserts and we both had a hard time choosing as everything sounds so good. But since some were a bit too pricey, we ordered the ones friendlier to the wallet such as Buddha Bar Chicken Salad (PHP380), Thai Style Red Curry Shrimp (PHP680) and two glasses of Buddha Bar’s Special Iced Tea (PHP200/glass).
Service was quick given that we were the first diners to arrive that night. I guess places like this really attract the night crowd. Oh well, at least we got good seats.
When the appetizer arrived, we were surprised with the generous serving. They really mean it when they told us it was good for two people. It was actually a delightful dish as the chicken was slightly sweet and caramelized yet has a hint of tanginess. The shredded leaves also made it extra crunchy. It was a really good dish to start the night.
Next served was the Thai Style Red Curry Shrimp which I was hesitant to try as it was noted that it is one of Buddha Bar’s spicy dishes. However, curiosity did not kill the cat this time as the dish wasn’t spicy at all (or my tolerance for spicy food increased tenfold!!!). The presentation of the dish was rather charming as it was served in a coconut shell. We even asked the server to mix the coconut with the curry to add more flavor as it was a bit bland. The dip though that goes with the dish helped bring out the curry flavor.

Since we were trying to stay longer to spot some celebrities, we ordered a Chocolate Lava cake with Vanilla ice cream (I wasn’t able to note though the price).
This time, the serving was a small but we realized that it was actually too much when we tasted it. The chocolate was very rich and creamy that a few bites were enough.   
We were so excited for 11 p.m. as we were told that it is the peak hour but we noticed that the place was just filled with foreigners. I guess the peak “day” is Friday and not a Saturday. H and I then decided to just chat some more and finally get the check and head home.
Apparently, the iced tea really is special as it has lychee and kiwi! YUM!
But before heading back, we had a little field trip starting with the washroom. Then the roof deck which we both found pretty and a nice place to chill with friends. (Is chill still a cool word? *clueless*)
However, with a bill of PHP2,400, I might not frequent this place a lot. Perhaps a twice a year trip would be enough. :)

Buddha Bar is located at Picar Place, Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City.

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