Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Healthy 2012: Pipino Vegetarian Food by Pino

Pork. Lots of pork and fried too! What more can make one feel so guilty, especially after undergoing a rather expensive cleansing diet? Thank goodness for the owners of Pino though for making healthy living accessible right after devouring its famous Kare-Kareng Bagnet.
Right above Pino Resto Bar is its healthier counterpart, Pipino.
Stuffed and heavy, we braved the stairs (well, it was just one flight from Pino but it looked like a mountain for us with pork-filled tummies).
For starters (and ender actually), we decided to order Mac n’ Cheeze (PHP165) along with the Tofu Scramble (PHP185). I also had the Pipino Shake to get rid of the margarita I had earlier.
First served was my pipino shake and all I could say was that it was one refreshing drink. Cucumber really has this cooling effect that made me go ooh-la-la~ and I am not exaggerating. It was rather hot that day. It was not sweet making it an ideal thirst quencher.
The Mac n’ Cheeze on the other hand was a bit bland for me. The macaroni was cooked well as it was soft and delectable to eat but the cheese flavor was a bit mild. I needed to add a bit of parmesan for it to taste, well, cheesier. Then again, I think it was their take on it being healthier.
The Tofu Scramble was also a bit bland for me. This made me realize that my taste buds does not have a very close relationship with healthy dishes (but I love salad… with thousand island or ranch dressing though). My friends had to ask for Cayenne pepper to add kick to the bland dish. Upon reviewing the dish description, it became clear to me why it tasted as such. Based on the menu, this dish is composed of “protein-rich egg-less dish of scrambled silken tofu cooked with onions, mushroom, and bell peppers and served with taro chips”. Healthy indeed! This is a good alternative for those with high cholesterol.

Their main dishes seemed really promising (e.g. stuffed semi-dried tomatoes) so I’d definitely go back here after eating more of Pino’s Kare-Kareng Bagnet!

Pipino is located at the second floor of Pino Resto Bar (Malingap St., Teachers Village, Quezon City). It is also right in front of Don Day, the place of eat all you can samgyeopsal.


  1. Is this where they also sell the green tea cupcakes? Been always curious about their vegan dishes but never had the chance to actually stop by the place.

  2. Yes. Do drop by. There are so many food stops in this area. :)


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