Sunday, July 24, 2011

Restaurant Discovery: Kulinarya Kitchen

I still can’t believe it that I never noticed Kulinarya Kitchen before. When I saw it last July 17, 2011, I uttered, “Hey, new restaurant! Let’s dine here!” not knowing that this restaurant has been around for quite some time now (or so what my officemates told me).
We were like a bunch of curious George(s) reading the description of the dishes we fancy. What caught my eye was the Herb-Crusted Lamb Chops, PHP 525. (SPECIALTY ALERT!) It was a bit pricey so we had it split into two.
We also ordered Cream of Squash Soup, PHP150 (SPECIALTY ALERT again!), Crispy Chicken Fingers, PHP 240 (as we are French fries lovers) and a pitcher of their house iced tea.
The Cream of Squash Soup arrived first and it was… okay. It was not the type that will make my small eyes bigger but it was good enough. It was creamy and most importantly, it tasted like squash… not water or bacon… but 100% squash.
Next served was the Crispy Chicken Fingers. Served with mushroom gravy and white sauce that tasted like sour cream and onions, it is the perfect meal for the little tykes. Crispy and yummy! (By yummy, I do not mean that it way better compared to the chicken tenders of Tender Bob but it was of the same level).
Finally, LAMB CHOPS. Well, the photo makes it look like the serving was extremely stingy but we had it split into two. The creamy mushroom risotto complemented the lamb chops really well. The lamb chops were tender and were seasoned just right. It was one delightful dish.
Since we Filipinos love desserts, we ordered Suman Latik Fritters and Mango FlambĂ©, PHP180. It was a wrong choice for we were very full already. We just wanted something sweet to cap off the meal. In the end we didn’t enjoy it. It was good but there was just no more room for it. (Plus the mangoes were a bit sour.)
I will definitely go back for more of Kulinarya Kitchen’s delectable dishes. I noticed that they also serve margarita. Tempting. J

 Kulinarya is located at P1 Power Plant, Rockwell.

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  1. "it tasted like squash… not water or bacon… but 100% squash." hahaha Dul..... LOL.


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