Friday, June 24, 2011

The Ultimate Pinoy Desserts

Most Pinoys can’t leave without desserts or as the “elders” call it… pang-alis ng suya.
As part of the food trip I joined, we stopped by Nathaniel’s and Kabigting’s for dessert after a delectable meal from Adarna. At first I was not very excited because the desserts were… kinda common. But you’ll definitely change your mind when you try Nathaniel’s buko pandan and Kabigting’s halo-halo.
Nathaniel’s buko pandan was very creamy and rich in flavor. It seemed like I was eating some frozen whip cream with lots of buko and jelly. Yummy! But I don’t recommend it for those who had too much for lunch or dinner as I find the dessert too filling.

Next stop was Kabigting’s halo-halo, popular for just having 3 ingredients (aside from ice and milk). With just beet, corn, and pastillas, it did taste like halo-halo less all the complexities and wonders of what we were chewing.
It would have been nice if there is also THE PLACE for banana-que, turon, my all time favorite karioka, and leche flan.

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  1. tried the pancit in nathaniels and it was good. The puto pao was ok; didnt appreciate that much coz im not into puto paos. :D i love susie's cuisine's mochi :D


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