Saturday, January 15, 2011

Little Asia

As recommended by Alexis, we decided to have lunch at Little Asia (instead of Freska because Lestra finds it a bit blah—but I will still try Freska soon). Anyway, back to The Little Asia J
We ordered Salt and Pepper Squid, Beef Broccoli, Crispy Chicken, and some noodles with sausage (forgot the name!) and of course, rice.
The Salt and Pepper Squid was nothing spectacular. It is a typical squid covered with flour. The squid though is quite fresh and not “gummy” so it is toothless people friendly. It has to be dipped in vinegar though since it is a bit on the bland side.
Next is the Crispy Chicken. It was really good. The sauce made it even more savory. It is a must-order-again on my next visit. It goes really well with the fried rice.
The noodle dish on the other hand is a bit dry. I got confused if it’s supposed to be crispy noodles or something like that. But eating it with the chicken makes it taste better (or maybe I just love that chicken so much).
As for the Beef Broccoli, I cannot comment on the beef because when the plate reached me, there was no beef left. L The broccoli though was fresh and the sauce was quite tasty. But it tasted like the typical beef broccoli you could order anywhere.
Finally, service, price and ambiance.
For the service, the servers were friendly and quite prompt with our requests and orders. But I guess it was because there were only very few customers that time.
Ala carte dishes are affordable. I do not know though how we managed to spend P2000++ for a few dishes.
Last, the restaurant has a very Oriental feel. It was quite good. A little Asia indeed.

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