Sunday, October 17, 2010

Secret Recipe's secret

Since we didn’t know that AGAVE in Shang closed already (good bye unlimited margarita! L) we decided to go to the 6th floor. First stop: Sumo Sam. The place was full and we have to wait for 15 minutes to get a table. My friends are too hungry to wait so we checked other places. 2nd stop: Recipes. The place has only one available table which is good for 2 people only and we were 7. So, off we go to the restaurant beside it, SECRET RECIPE.
It was quite hard to find food that is not oily and does not have anything dairy. So I decided to have salad instead (good thing I looooove salad). I ordered Caesar Salad and Cream of Mushroom. Seems okay since I always order it in other restaurants (as an appetizer though and not as my main course… loser tummy!). 

I tried the salad first and it was not good at all. The taste was quite weird. In fact, it tasted like yoghurt salad. I love yoghurt but not with lettuce, boiled eggs, and croutons. Just wasted PhP150. T.T

Next was the cream of mushroom. It was decent and somehow helped me feel full. (BUT I found out from a friend that though it is called cream of mushroom,   it is not really cream but something else. So, it is quite similar to the Chicken Nuggets mystery.)
My friends ordered other dishes like fish and chips and pasta but they find it mediocre as well. Quite overpriced for the taste of the dishes.
Anyway, SECRET RECIPE’s secret is something I am not interested to know.

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