Thursday, June 21, 2018

One Stop Shop For All Things Scrumptious: Alternatives Food Corporation

As much as I love to travel, I also enjoy being at home and making a mess in the kitchen. Though cleaning up afterwards is not as fun, seeing the pleased faces of the people I cook for is very rewarding. And a couple weeks back, I tried some of Alternatives Food Corporation's (AFC) products which made our weekend extra special.
One of the dishes R and I love to indulge in on a lazy weekend is freshly made potato crisps. 
And I was so excited when I got a bag of Potato Dippers (PHP150/kg). 
I don't know what magic they did but each potato crisp was crunchy! Lightly battered, this treat can be enjoyed as is or further enhanced with ketchup or mayonnaise. 
We also tried Pacific West's frozen seafood which are great for those who are lazy to cook. You don't even have to thaw the goods. Simply pop it out of the freezer and deep fry it. 
Tempura Fish Fillet (PHP500/kg) went beautifully well with Potato Dippers. Light in flavor with delightful thin crisp coating, this is a nice treat to have when craving for fish and chips. Just drizzle it with lemon for that delicious tangy flavor! In fact, kinds would enjoy having this as lunch or dinner. Just serve it with tartar sauce.
Squid Rings (PHP500/kg) was enjoyable too. Crunchy coating with a snappy squid texture, this dish serves as a great bar chow or viand. I loved this with mayonnaise and vinegar. And no, I don't combine the two dips. 
And speaking of squid, if you want it a bit chunkier per bite, go for Lemon Pepper Squid Chunks (PHP700/kg). Its slight tangy taste is also irresistible. But I like it better with extra drizzle of lemon juice. 
If you love churros, you might want to try Fish Churros (PHP500/kg). This interesting snack is quite similar to fish sticks but thinner with scores that would remind one of churros. Though others might find this lacking in flavor with its light taste, it makes this dish fun to layer with any sauce or spice you want. 
A Pacific West standout is Shrimp Popcorn (PHP700/kg). 
Crisp and flavorful in every bite, this one is R's favorite. The small curled up shrimps battered and seasoned to perfection is a lovely dish to pair with beer! 
For dinner, we feasted on some of the steaks from . 
We started off with the mouthwatering steak from Snake River Farms (SRF). This reputable farm raises its American Wagyu cattle along the high plains of Eastern Idaho. Specifically located near Snake River, this family-owned business manages the production process from start to finish, ensuring top quality Wagyu-cross cattle. In fact, it is one of the best in the world. 
I was told that the Black Grade Rib Cap I got is the exact same one a popular steak shop purchases from AFC. Just hearing that made me very excited to sink my teeth into this striking slab of meat. 
And true enough, it was love at first bite! It had a strong beef flavor which I prefer. I had this too with salt and paired it with rice for a full and filling meal.
I was a bit iffy to try the Omi Chuck Roll from Shiga Japan given that it's the part that I don't enjoy based from former dining experiences. 
But SRF made me into a fan. It had beautiful marbling and it was the melts-in-your-mouth type of beef. Dashed with a bit of salt, I wolfed down my portion in no time.  
Overall, it was a fantastic selection of products! The seafood products were delightful and the meats were amazing. I can't wait to have more! Luckily, Alternatives Food Corporation accepts private orders with a minimum purchase of PHP10,000. I guess it's time to stock up!

For orders, contact Alternatives Food Corporation at +632 631 7228 to 30 or email them at

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