Friday, September 15, 2017

Love at First Sip: Up in the Clouds Ice Cream & Milk Bar

With Manila's crazy heat getting worse and worse, it's not surprising to see milkshake shops and ice cream parlors to pop here and there. Though I've had my fair share of horrible experiences with new dessert places, I always keep an open mind and tummy for new ones. And this time, I tried Up in the Clouds Ice Cream & Milk Bar. 
Hello, Up in the Clouds.
I decided to reward myself after a smooth shoot with something sweet. Given that I haven't had lunch yet and it was already past 6 p.m., I figured that ice cream will just cause an upset stomach. I then zeroed in on the shop's iced tea variants. 

Though the friendly staff recommended its current bestsellers Thai Iced Coffee and Thai Milk Tea, I was craving for something matcha and went with Matcha Iced Tea (PHP90). (I actually asked her which one's her favorite and she told me with a straight face that she doesn't like iced tea or any of the flavors. Okay~)
Before placing my order, I asked if it will take long as my Uber driver will arrive in 5 minutes. She told me that it'll take around 5 to 7 minutes as she has to prepare my drink from scratch. Since drivers usually miss where I was, I placed my order and hoped that she'd have my drink ready before my Uber Pool's 2-minute grace period starts. 
While waiting for my drink, I was charmed by the adorable interiors. The lighting fixtures were covered in some sort of white foam to recreate clouds. 
There is also a cute cloud shaped chair with ice cream cone lighting fixture on top. This place is definitely Instagram-worthy! 
And because I was awed by the interiors, I totally forgot to take photos of how my drink was made. 
Basically, it was a hot powdered matcha drink topped with ice and sweetener. 
And it tasted great! I liked it so much that I only took a few sips and exerted a lot of effort to not finish it so that I could let R try some. 
And he ended up finishing my drink. I totally forgot that there are two matcha monsters in this relationship. *cue sad music*

I can't wait to drop by again and try the other drinks and maybe I'll also try its unique ice cream flavors and breakfast meals. 

Up in the Clouds is located at 99 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City. It's in the same building as Anytime Fitness and Bo's Coffee. 

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