Monday, May 1, 2017

Snack Time: Taters

Glorietta never fails to feel like a jungle to me. With its different interconnected buildings and numerous stores, I always end up feeling confused and overwhelmed. But there is one thing that I'm sure of, Taters chips make me happy. And that's why I opted to have lunch there one afternoon. 
Hello, Taters!

It has been a while since I last had my Taters fix. Sadly, there are no Taters branches in malls I frequent. But when I pass by one, I simply could not resist getting a bag of chips even when I have no plans of watching a movie. Yes, this store with a baseball inspired logo is irresistible.
This time, I tried to veer away from chips as it was lunch time. But just like before, I gave in to the chips sweet whispers. I ended up getting a Churkey Burger with chips and soda combo (PHP165). It's not so bad... right?
It took the store quite a bit to prepare my order which means that they were cooking my meal and not just popping it in the microwave. And I didn't mind the wait as I was mesmerized by the popcorn machine popping those delectable puffed snacks.
My burger was served 15 minutes later and it was worth the wait. The juicy burger paired with white cheddar chips was delicious. Since it was a combination of chicken and turkey, I felt like I was munching on something healthier (sans the chips). It was a bit bland though but it wasn't anything ketchup cannot solve.

I'll try the hotdogs next time!

Taters is available in cinemas of selected malls. Click here for a complete list of branches.

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