Friday, December 2, 2016

The Healthy Diaries: Chimara

I usually steer away from healthy food as more often than not, it tastes bad for me. I guess I’m just not meant to be a healthy eater as I like fats, sweet stuff and everything actually bad for the body. Though I try to eat those dangerous tummy ticklers moderately, I could feel the oil crawling and flowing through my veins and getting stuck somewhere. I just had to detoxify. And when A of Chimara contacted me to sample their dishes, I quickly said yes.

Hello, Chimara!
Located at the ground floor of U.P. Town Center, I was greeted by a bright green counter which screams “healthy restaurant”. 
I went in and was welcomed by the friendly staff who assisted me in getting the bestsellers. I went with Faux Beef Salpicao with Rice (PHP180) and Tuna Wasabi Aioli Salad (PHP230). For drink, I ordered I am Strong (PHP80, petite).
My drink was served first and it tasted really… healthy. The beetroot gave the drink an earthy taste that might take a while for others to enjoy. The carrot and apple added a bit of sweet taste which made my bright red drink enjoyable. 
I was worried with the Tuna Wasabi Aioli as the word wasabi means spicy. I was assured by the staff though that it is tolerable and that the spicy sauce is served on the side hence giving me full control on how spicy I want my greens to be. 
I actually loved the combination of sweet mango bits with the tuna flakes, cherry tomatoes and other greens. The peanut bits added crunch to the dish and the wasabi aioli sauce gave it a nice refreshingly spicy kick. Be careful though with pouring this green sauce as it could be very spicy! 
I almost cried (with my nasals cleared up) when I had a mouthful drenched in it. Also, eat the tofu chips right away to avoid it from being soggy. The chips may be on the bland side but I got hooked to it!
The Faux Beef Salpicao almost turned me vegan as it was really good! Though you could tell that you’re not eating beef given the super soft texture of the tofu, it tasted just like salpicao with its garlic aioli sauce and garlic bits. This dish also had some tofu chips for texture.
Overall, it was a nice meal. It was definitely refreshing to munch on healthier alternatives. I’d definitely be back for more of the Faux Beef Salpicao. Also, give its healthy snacks a try! I also bought a bag of popcorn and it's pretty good!
Chimara is located at Ground Floor, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.

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