Thursday, December 22, 2016

Restaurant Love: Buta+Wagyu

Buta+Wagyu is one of our favorite restaurants as its succulent A5 wagyu are just too good to be to enjoyed once. However, it’s also too pricey to be enjoyed on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. But when there’s something to celebrate, one of our top picks is Buta+Wagyu.

Hello, Buta+Wagyu!

Knowing that this is R’s favorite restaurant to date, I suggested this Japanese wagyu place as the venue for R’s pre-birthday dinner. R’s parents and sisters were okay with the idea and I quickly placed reservation as soon as I got a go signal. We decided to have dinner there on a Thursday night.
I was the first to arrive and I ordered a few appetizers for everyone to munch on as we decide on which mains to indulge in. I got Organic Pork and Wagyu Gyoza (PHP280) and Organic Pork and Wagyu Kimchi Mandu (PHP320) for sharing. When R and his family arrived, we ordered two Double Stone Grill Samplers—Ohmi (PHP8,500) and Kagoshima (PHP7,000), and three orders of 200g Steamed Wagyu (Rib Eye Hida, PHP1,640/100g). There is also a cooking charge of PHP300 on top of the cost of the wagyu dishes.  
While waiting for our food, I munched on the complimentary appetizers, dilis and kimchi. I usually do not eat kimchi but I eat it like a wolf whenever I’m hungry. 

Soon, our gyoza and mandu were served.
Both dumplings were made with free range organic pork and A5 wagyu beef so I had high expectations for these. I actually tried the gyoza before and I liked it. It was flavorful and the meat was indeed succulent. However, I still find turning A5 wagyu into ground beef to be such a waste. 
It was my first time to try the mandu version of the gyoza and I was a bit iffy when the server told me that it could be a bit spicy for some diners. 
As a person with low tolerance to anything spicy, I took a demure bite of my mandu and was surprised that it wasn’t that spicy. 
It just happen to have mildly spiced kimchi stuffed inside but that was about it. Nonetheless, it was pretty good too and I liked this one more than the gyoza
Our bowls of steamed wagyu was served next and it took a few blinks before all of it was gone. Yes, it’s R’s family’s favorite! It may not be a photogenic dish, but this is our tastebuds’ ultimate crush. We could feel our tastebuds blush and quiver with glee even before having a mouthful. 
A bite of this succulent thin A5 meat brings us to the temple of almighty wagyu. (Just think how the judges of Cooking Master Boy react whenever they sample the dishes served to them.) We all loved it with the steak salt more than the thick grainy brown Ponzu dip. It is also best enjoyed with rice.

It took quite a bit before our Stone Grill Samplers were served but it was worth the wait. 
First thing I noticed was that they removed Chuckroll from the sampler and we were left with Rib Eye, Sirloin and Chateaubriand. 
We all went for Chateaubriand which was the softest and yummiest among the three. Second best for me is Rib Eye and last place goes to Sirloin which is your usual cut. Again, we enjoyed this best with steak salt and some garlic bits. 

And just before we were about to cap the night, Buta+Wagyu surprised R with a whole junior Choco Yema cake from Slice! R actually thought that I bought it for him as it is one of his favorite cakes. Well, I did the arrangements. So, yeah, it came from me. 

Again, it was a fantastic dinner. Thank you, Buta+Wagyu for the superb food and service. We will definitely be back!

Buta+Wagyu is located at 5th Floor, Sky Garden, SM Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

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