Friday, December 23, 2016

Action Star in Training Adventure: Mountain Clark Firing Range

I have always wanted to go to a firing range and unleash the action star in me. But I had no idea though that it would also bring out the scaredy cat in me. I was palpitating as soon as I stepped inside the firing range. 

Hello, Mountain Clark Firing Range
This was our second Pampanga trip stop and it was perfect as we were all so stuffed from the spectacular Amare feast. 

This spacious compound, known internationally to train combat teams and special services, will groom you to be the next star in 24. It is divided into three areas, each specialising in different defense skills. 
We first visited the shuriken area where we were trained to be ninjas. I tried the easiest ninja star (there were three types to choose from) and threw three times towards the target. And… I failed three times. The others though seem to have some Naruto blood in them as they could properly throw and hit the target with ease. 
It was just hilarious though that every time someone throws a shuriken, the rest of us move backward. We were all scared of the shuriken bouncing back! But we all got out of that area safe and blood-free.
Our next stop was the firing range where we were given a chance to try firing a pistol and a modified rifle! 
Before we get to touch the guns, we were briefed on proper gun handling as well as some guidelines. Just listening to the do’s and don’ts were enough to make me even more nervous. 
In fact, I was so nervous that I thought of just skipping it. But the adventurous person in me wanted to still try it despite the hawk (not butterflies) inside my tummy. 
We all got to try the pistol first then the riffle. 
I was so scared for the recoil as the instructor told us that we have to be mindful of where we place our thumb if we do not want to get injured. 
The first time we pull the trigger is for trial, meaning, there are no bullets yet. However, despite knowing that the pistol was not loaded, my heart was still ready to jump out of my chest. 
The second turn was with one bullet and the last round was with four bullets. 
Honestly, I could not see the targets that clearly as I was not wearing my glasses. I just looked for the yellow dot and hoped that I hit it. And according to the trainer, I did… 5 times! Oh yeah! Hollywood, I am on my way! 
The rifle was easier to control despite its heavy weight. It looked a lot cooler too. But this has a rental fee of PHP1,000 compared to the pistol’s PHP500. Also, bullets we used cost PHP11 per piece. 
I was so pumped up after my turn that I wanted more! But we were running out of time so we had to head to the last station. 
We tried archery last. I tried to bring out the Katniss in me but ended up calling out Katmiss as I didn’t get to hit the dot. Not even close. 
It was a fun experience though and I would love to go back again and shoot some more!

Mountain Clark Firing Range is located at 15-29 Don Jose Street, Don Bonifacio Subdivision, Pulung Maragul, Angeles City.

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