Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Restaurant Favorite: California Pizza Kitchen

As a tradition, my team and I went out for dinner to celebrate getting our bonuses. (Yay, more money to buy food!) But unlike last year, we are celebrating (sort of) two events, our bonuses and my despedida. *cries*

I was pushing for Peperoni that time but all my teammates were craving for California Pizza Kitchen's delectable The Original BBQ Chicken Chopped (PHP625, full | PHP395, half). Fine. 

I got to the place late as I had to go to St. Luke’s Global City first to get my X-Ray results. And I got lost on my way to the W Building. I always get disoriented at night and this is the reason why I always hurry back home when the sun’s about to disappear. Anyway...

All the dishes were already served when I arrived. On the table were: Quattro Formaggi (PHP450), Pepperoni (PHP365, regular | PHP225, personal), Pesto Cream Penne with Shrimps (PHP525, sharing | PHP295, personal + PHP295/PHP160 for shrimps) and Bangkok Calamari (PHP465). 
The Calamari were just so-so for me. It was your usual deep-fried battered squid rings
The BBQ chicken salad was divine as always. It had a nice harmony of flavors and textures. It was sweet because of the barbecue sauce but also refreshing because of the cilantro and other herbs. The soft chicken bits were also well complemented but the crunchy greens. The dish was quite heavy but great for sharing. 
I skipped the pepperoni as I was never a fan of that pizza flavor. 
I had two giant slices of the cheesy Quattro Formaggi though. It was lovely! Though greasy, I wolfed down two slices in no time. I just love anything cheesy
I also loved the Pesto Cream Penne with shrimps. I was so happy that they decided to add shrimps as without it, it would have just been an okay dish. The huge shrimps added texture or bite to the al dente pasta. The pesto cream was flavorful yet not overwhelming. I would love to order this again!

Overall, it was a great dinner. I had fun and I super miss these ladies! And it has just been 2 weeks!  

California Pizza Kitchen is located at W Building, 9th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

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