Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Favorite Food Finds: The Gourmand Market

Ever since I saw an announcement that The Gourmand Market will be in BGC again, I made sure that I pass by the well-known weekend market for me to try some of its mouthwatering dishes. And I was lucky to visit last Friday and Saturday! 
I have never been to this lovely weekend market before as I was always away when they stage it. But since R and I had no plans last weekend, I was able to pass by on its first day and R joined me the following day.
I was greeted by a beautiful signage and a set up that seems to have been lifted from a wonderful rustic wedding.
On my first visit, I made a quick tour of the place and checked which ones look interesting. I spotted stalls that sell hummus, tacos, shawarma, paella, ginger ale, churros, sandwiches and pork belly. I think there are about four or five stalls selling the sinful yet oh so good meat. 
Since it was really humid that night, I opted to buy a cup of ice cream from Manila Creamery (PHP120 per cup). I was torn between the two bestsellers Mangga at Suman and Tinutong Rice. I liked both flavors and the burnt rice flavor was surprisingly delicious! But I went with the safer option and got Mangga at Suman. Each cup of it is topped with some sort of coconut jam syrup
What I loved about this flavor is that it was not that sweet and the taste was not overwhelming. I also liked that there were some chewy parts that reminded me of sticky rice
I then bought  a cup of pressed Sugar Cane Juice with Ginger (PHP70) from Healthy Cane after finishing my cup of ice cream

It was refreshing and I enjoyed the nice kick of the ginger. I just wished that the serving size is a bit bigger given its price.  
Before heading home, I bought 1/4 kilo of Ilocos Bagnet (PHP175) from Manong’s Bagnet and Lasagna (PHP175) from Tarlaqueña. I’ll share more about these two food finds in another post. 
Watch out for the next The Gourmet Market in the next coming months!
Till next time!

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