Friday, May 27, 2016

Gastro Park Kapitolyo Find #6: Tokyo Tempura

The craze for food parks has just began as more and more areas are being developed to accommodate start up food concessionaires offering unique and delectable dishes and drinks. Sadly, I haven’t been to most and the only ones I have visited were Pioneer Food Market (where I just walked and exited in a few minutes) and Gastro Park Kapitolyo. One of the stalls I tried a few months ago was this Japanese store that offers unlimited tempura.

Hello, Tokyo Tempura!
Gastro Park was packed when we went one Saturday night. We were lucky though to spot an empty table at Tokyo Tempura. Honestly, this store didn’t attract me when I visited earlier that same day. I guess it was because their tempura was just the usual, except that they also offer unlimited tempura

But since we will sit there, we made sure to buy something from the store. Hungry R availed of the Tempura All You Can (PHP199) while my friends and I decided to share Chili Cheese (PHP49) and Stuffed Chori Burger (PHP180). The burger is from Offbeat Burger but is also owned or managed by Tokyo Tempura. 

R’s tempura was served first which he quickly attacked hence it being undocumented. We noticed that the tempura was quite short. Small and thin shrimps were used for the tempura and there was more batter than shrimp. Since it was an unlimited promo, the ones who avail of this have to sit near the store so that the servers could monitor as sharing is not allowed. R, being persistent and all, gave me a few bites of the tempura while nervously checking if the rather huge server saw us. 
The Chili Cheese was super spicy that one small nibble made me turn red. It is definitely not for those with low spice tolerance. I didn’t even get a taste of cheese.
The Stuffed Chori Burger was one of the dishes we tasted last hence it was already cold when we had a bite. The patty was thick and meaty. It was also quite juicy. But it was typical for me. It must have tasted better warm but I don’t think it could surpass 8Cuts or Burger Pub.
Oh, if you are wondering if getting the unlimited promo is worth it, R said that he felt he didn’t get his money’s worth. In order to make the promo worth your money, you need to eat at least 19 tempura. R was overwhelmed by the oil on his 10th tempura and regretted not getting the Tempura Bucket with 9 tempura for PHP105. 
Will I go back? With the options available, perhaps not. 

Tokyo Tempura is located at Gastro Park Kapitolyo, First Street, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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