Tuesday, May 17, 2016

First Bite: Café Viola

R and I always see this quaint looking restaurant whenever we visit Crosswinds for a short weekend getaway. We never bother to stop and check though as the place is always packed with diners. We did try though during Valentine’s and failed as all tables were occupied and the ones that will clear soon were reserved. But we finally got to successfully visit it a few weekends ago.
Hello, Café Vio La! (Yes, there really is a space in between Vio and La.)
The place was quite full at 8 p.m. on a Sunday but we managed to get a table for five.

Famished from swimming, we ordered Pork Crackling (PHP595), Grilled Norwegian Salmon (PHP595), Homemade Chicken Pork Adobo (PHP425), Garlic Longganisa (PHP295) and Garlic Beef Tapa (PHP375). L also ordered a pot of hot Camomile tea (PHP85). 
First served was the pot of tea which tasted like hot lemon water. The tea taste was so mild. 

The Homemade Chicken and Pork Adobo was served next and B who is not a local was looking for the adobo sauce. This one was the type of adobo where the chicken thighs and pork spare ribs are slow-cooked and simmered till dry in its natural juices, vinegar, palm sugar and lots of garlic and spices. I wasn’t able to take a photo of it as B was hungry. 

Next served were the Garlic Longganisa and Garlic Beef Tapa
The Garlic Longganisa was a bit dry and needed a lot of vinegar for taste and moist. It went really well with the fragrant rice and sunny side up eggs though.
I liked my Garlic Beef Tapa. The beef was tender and and had a nice sweet, salty and garlicky taste. I drizzled a bit of vinegar for a tangy kick. 
The Pork Cracklings or brick oven roasted pork belly was your usual lechon kawali. Though crunchy and succulent, it was nothing special or extraordinary.

I wasn’t able to take a photo of the Norwegian Salmon as it came so late and L was turning pale already. However, it was really good. The salmon was perfectly cooked. Moist and served in a Beurre Blanc sauce, the light flavor of the dish would make you eat more of it till you finish every bit of it. 

Though the ambiance was nice and food was good, I don’t think I’ll head back here anytime soon given the number of new restaurants in Tagaytay

Café Vio La is located at Crosswinds Luxury Resorts, Tagaytay City. Contact them at +639 05 331 4457 or +639 18 372 7499.

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