Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Dish Alert: Precynct Berry Brioche

NEW DISH ALERT! Precynct launched a new dessert!

After a tiring hour of jumping around and making ugly faces, R and I headed to The Grove by Rockwell to have dinner at his favorite tempura place. Yes, I'm referring to Asakusa.
While parking, I spotted R's good friends M and K having dinner at Burger Pub. We approached them and decided to have dessert together to catch up.
After a delectable dinner (this will be a different review), we went to Precycnt to try the mouthwatering Dulce de Leche brioche (PHP350). I wanted to try The Garden too but I wasn't sure if they have good desserts. Since I want to give the impression that I am a very reliable foodie, I went with a place I am sure to serve great drinks and food... Precynct.

Precynct was quite packed last night with only a few stools available. I was decided to order the dulce de leche brioche till the server suggested their newly launched Berry Brioche (PHP375). New? Strawberry? Brioche? And with ICE CREAM? Gimme one of that! So that ends my craving for dulce de leche.

I also got a cup of Bitter Burnt Better (PHP180) while R got a glass of Small Victory (PHP90). K and M shared a glass of Faux Cappuccino (PHP160).

The Berry Brioche was L-O-V-E! 10084
Soft and fluffy brioche topped with slices of strawberries, strawberry puree (or jam?) and ice cream... what is not to love?

The server was right with the sweetness level of this dish. It wasn't too sweet and it was a spot on pair for a nice warm drink.
R's Small Victory, or warm fluffy milk was a lot kiddie than expected. It came in a short glass with sprinkles on top. The homemade marshmallows were placed on the side as the ones available that night were lemon marshmallows and R thought it'd be weird with milk. He ended up eating the marshmallows separately. (Sadly, there was nothing special with the milk. It was just plain fluffy milk.)
My Bitter Burnt Better was not bitter at all! It was a sweeter and thicker version of cappuccino. The burnt local honey with five drops of mole bitters (a combination of cacao and cinnamon) made this drink so fragrant and sweet! It is the perfect cup for those who are not fond of anything bitter.
Again, it was a great stay at Precynct. I have to try the savory dishes soon. 10084

Precynct is located at Ground Floor, The Grove by Rockwell, 117 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, C-5, Pasig City. For inquiries, contact them at +639 17 779 7978.

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