Thursday, April 14, 2016

Kids at Heart Paradise: Jump Yard

With vouchers expiring soon, I asked R if he could accompany me to visit Jump Yard, an indoor trampoline place near Tiendesitas, beside Ark Avilon Zoo. We have a very tight schedule to work on so we decided to visit last night.
Hello, Jump Yard!

The place was packed with kids and their parents when we visited. There were a couple of teens but it was undeniable that we were among the oldest (but not the least fit individuals in the trampolines, I hope).
It was a good thing that the place gets cleared up every hour to make room for new jumpers. And when it was finally our time slot, there were not a lot of kiddos around.

We were a tad too excited that we started to jump without warming up. As soon as we saw available trampolines with hoops, we played basketball, super jump style. 127936⛹🏻

And that was when I realized that it was hard to get the rhythm, timing, accuracy and... endurance. I was panting and sweating after 5 minutes! Yes, FIVE MINUTES. Talk about being flabby and unfit!
Anyway, I wanted to maximize my voucher so off I go to the other trampolines. (Note: Do not jump on a trampoline with another jumper. It is not allowed and noncompliance can get you kicked out.)

We went to the foam cubes next and... it was a bit nasty. It smelled like gym lockers. But I have to admit, it was still fun.
We also climbed the mini wall and jumped off to dive in the bigger pool of foam cubes. (Careful with your grip socks! It took me a bit to find mine!)
Want to go crazy or extreme? There are four trampolines that are a lot bouncier (because these are bigger and longer and made of different material) where you could do some stunts like flips and back flips.

Hungry? They also have a dining area outside that serves comfort food like nachos. We didn't try it though because the place was too packed!

Would I go back? Definitely! The registration process was so smooth and the marshals were friendly. I just hope that they put room diffusers and air fresheners along the spiral staircase and inside the trampoline area.

Note to parents: If your little ones are below 48 inches, they might not fully enjoy the indoor trampoline experience as there are a few areas where they are not allowed to jump.

Sorry, I didn't take much photos. I was too busy jumping around.

Jump Yard is located at Road E corner Las Fiestas St. Frontera Verde, Pasig City. It is beside Ark Avilon Zoo.

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