Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Beat the Heat with Carousel Creamery Handcrafted Ice Cream 101 Flavors

Several reviews have been raving about Carousel Creamery's delightful customer service. They are also very active and interactive online and today was not an exemption.
Hello, Carousel Creamery! I NEED YOU! Save me from melting!!!
The crazy heat makes me picture the sun with a smirk on its face while looking down at us while we desperately look for ways to cool down. One of the quickest ways I could think of is to buy ice cream
After a great lunch at Dohtonbori, we decided to get some cold treats at the well loved ice cream parlor. And when we got there, the place was packed with other melting human beings. 
The order system seemed to have changed as we didn't have to pay first before sampling some flavors. There were also no tokens given. The cashier also told me to just approach any of the servers when I have decided on what I would like to order. 
I roamed around and squeezed my way from one display chest to another and sampled a few flavors namely--mango sorbet, green mango and a few more I could not remember the names but the tastes were a bit too sweet and heavy hence the reason why I didn't get those flavors. The mango sorbet was pretty good as it had a refreshing flavor. The green mango was a tangier version of mango sorbet but I was not in the mood for anything sour. I then asked for a flavor that has a nice light taste yet refreshing... and weird. He quickly recommended Olive and Basil. Weird enough. Game!
I sampled it and true enough, it had a nice light taste and it tasted weird at first. (It had a tinge of herby taste and it reminded K of pesto.) But I eventually grew fond of it. I found the one out of 101 flavors! 
E ordered Chocolate Macadamia and Java the Hot while K went with Vanilla Macadamia and Green Tea
The chocolate macadamia and green tea were lovely! I liked the creamy consistency of the chocolate macadamia and that it was indeed very chocolatey. Green tea was a bit frozen and icy but the taste was spot on. It had a strong matcha taste but not too strong for it to be bitter. 
The vanilla macadamia was just so-so for me. And I'm not fond of spicy desserts. 
In case you are wondering why I mentioned customer service at the beginning of my review, it was because of two reasons. First, I requested for a cone for my ice cream so that it'll be more photogenic. I approached the server (who I think is the owner or part owner) several minutes after I placed my order. Before I could even say the flavor I ordered, he told me, "it's for the Olive and Basil, right?" I was impressed! Despite getting everyone's orders, he remembers each one!
My second reason for saying that Carousel Creamery is soooo fantastic was because after giving us our bills, we were asked if we prefer vanilla or chocolate. At first I thought it was a survey for their next flavors but I was wrong. We were given FREE ICE CREAM! We got one scoop EACH! How amazing is that?! I don't know why we got some and but we didn't dare ask anymore. 
Thank you, Carousel Creamery! You are the best!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Carousel Creamery Handcrafted Ice Cream101 Flavors is located at Ground Floor, 8 Missouri Street, Northeast Greenhills, San Juan City.

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