Wednesday, April 27, 2016

First Bite: Bon Banhmi

I've been planning to visit Landmark for quite some time ever since I saw some posts about this banhmi kiosk and Kumori (which I have already tried thanks to the long weekend). But given the horrible traffic, my plan never materialized until when I had to source for showroom merchandise.
Hello, Bon Banhmi

It's hard to miss this as several directional pull up banners are placed everywhere. There are banners near the escalator, right before the entrance door of the mall and even the passageway to Glorietta. But... I missed it and ended up circling around and checking |ooloo for clues. 

After a few minutes, I found it! Yay!
But my enthusiasm was not reciprocated by the server who seemed to be having a serious dilemma or struggling with her monthly visitor. Anyhoo, I ordered a Traditional Banhmi (PHP119, medium | PHP134, large). 

I got my sandwich in less than 5 minutes and quickly took a big bite after a few snapshots. 
The banhmi was messy to eat! The baguette was quite crunchy and the crumbs tend to either fall or fly. 

The three different types of hams were sweet. and were slightly balanced by the cilantro and other veggies. But overall, it was still a sweet sandwich

Sadly, not exactly my kind of sandwich. But I would be interested to try another variant. 😁

P.S. Landmark was PACKED at 1 PM on a weekday!!! 

LAST NOTE: I ate the leftover after 10 hours and it tasted so much better! The trick is to let the sauce set in first. :)

Bon Banhmi is located at Basement, Landmark Food Court, Makati Avenue, Makati City. It is beside Fruitas and R. Lapid's.

Bon Banhmi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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