Friday, January 23, 2015

Restaurant Discovery: Eggs for Breakfast Café

I love exploring and visiting new (or at least new to me) places. Just last month, my friends and I planned to visit Pinto Art Museum. Since we were already in Antipolo, a place we do not frequent, we decided to have brunch at a place called Eggs for Breakfast Café.

Hello, Eggs for Breakfast Café.
Thanks to Waze, we were able to find the place with ease. It wasn’t exactly located in a commercialized area so if you’re not using any app, it might be a bit difficult to find.
We were greeted by a nice garden (which I forgot to take a photo of) that led us to the restaurant. (I think that the whole place used to be residential and the owner decided to divide the place into an abode and a restaurant.)
Since we were already hungry, we quickly ordered the following: Eggs Benjamin (PHP335), One Pan Breakfast (PHP470), Bloody Mary Linguine (PHP145) and Green Goodness (PHP150).
Service was slow. Super slow. And there were only very few diners then and the dishes were not even that complicated to make. We didn’t really understand why it took them over 45 minutes to prepare our dishes. At least the garden distracted us.

After a long while, our orders were served.
The pasta sure was spicy! Linguine pasta tossed in spicy pomodoro sauce and deglazed with vodka wasn’t something to my liking. I had a hard time finishing the portion that I took. And the combination of vodka and pomodoro sauce was somehow off for me.
I liked the One Pan Breakfast though. The sausages, Hungarian and Schublig, were delightful. I love my bacon crispy but Eggs for Breakfast’s thick bacon version wasn’t bad at all. The baked beans were filling and I loved munching on the roasted potatoes. There were shiitake mushrooms and two sunny side up eggs too. Yum!
The Eggs Benjamin was the last dish to arrive. The smoked salmon was a bit too thin but it was flavorful so it was a-okay. The poached eggs and the hollandaise sauce were pretty good too.
My drink though was too bland. Not sure if that’s what goodness stands for. It did taste healthy though.
It’ll definitely take time for me to visit this place again. I hope that when I do, the wait time would be shorter.

Eggs for Breakfast Café is located at Velada Estate, 21 Don Juan Street, Villa Cecillia Subdivision, Mambugan, Lower Antipolo, Antipolo City.


  1. buti ka pa nakapunta na sa Pinto Museaum samantalang ako taga Antipolo ni hindi pa nakakapunta dun pati dito sa eggs and breakfast hindi ko alam na may resto jan kasi banda to sa pinaddausan ng wedding ng friend ko eh


    1. Then it's time. I'll blog about Pinto Art Museum soon. It's so pretty! You have to visit!

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