Monday, January 5, 2015

Restaurant Discovery: Brown's Gourmet Chicken

Christmas season means lunch and dinner out with different groups of people. For my department’s Christmas dinner/party, we decided to try Brown’s Gourmet Chicken, a roasted chicken restaurant in Greenfield District. I saw it early December and it sure made me curious. Luckily, when I suggested that place, I got the department’s sweet yes.

Hello, Brown’s Gourmet Chicken!
The place is simply adorable. The wall décor is so warm and homey.
The second floor is equally charming. It’s also a great place for an intimate gathering for a group less than 20.
After appreciating the cute décor and kidding on stealing the wooden reindeer, we started to place our orders. I went with the 1/4 Roasted Chicken with 1 Rice and 1 Side (PHP170, but I changed my rice to eggs and leek which costs PHP45), Mushroom and Spinach Croquette (PHP120), Ginger and Basil Shake (PHP110), and Churros + Blonde Mocha (PHP120).

Service was quick as my appetizer arrived in less than 10 minutes.
The Mushroom and Spinach Croquette has a crispy batter. Unfortunately, they used too much of it that I could hardly taste the mushroom and spinach. It was an okay dish though for an appetizer.
It is also available in whole that comes with 4 side dishes and rice (PHP620)
The roasted chicken was compared to Chooks to Go because of its peppery skin. I couldn’t say that I agree as I have never had that.
It was pretty good though. It had a nice slightly sweet taste. Though the meat was a bit dry, it went well with my eggs and leek rice and carrots and corn side dish.
The churro was not as dense as I hoped it would be but it was a good dessert to end the meal. The mocha dip is something mocha lovers would love. (Gluttonshopper note: The Fried Cookie Dough is sooo much better! But that will be in another entry.)
My favorite order though was my Ginger and Basil Shake. It was very refreshing and I liked the bit of spice brought by the ginger.

I would definitely visit this place again soon! (And I did, after two weeks.)

Brown’s Gourmet Chicken is located at Unit 18, The Hub, Greenfield District, Pasig City.

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