Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Restaurant Love: Locavore

Locavore is love. I always recommend it to everyone I know when they ask me where to eat in Kapitolyo. One night, R messaged asking where to bring his friends and I recommended Detalle and Locavore. (I love it when people ask me where to eat. It feeds my foodie persona’s ego. So feed it, people!!! Kidding!) Unfortunately, Detalle was closed that night. Fortunately, Locavore was busy as always that evening.

Hello, Locavore!
The place was packed (again)! We had to wait for over 20 minutes just to get seats. So while waiting, we decided to order. R ordered for his friends and they got Sizzling Sinigang (PHP530), Ginataang Kaldereta (PHP570), Street Food Platter (PHP200), Leche Flan (PHP200) and Turon con Leche (PHP220). I also got a cocktail drink with pomelo but I forgot the name and price.
First served was the street food platter (no photo because I didn’t get some). I think that this dish was made for those who do not really eat street food on the street. I do so I couldn’t avoid computing how much it really costs if I buy from Mang Larry in UP.
The main dishes were served next. C and E enjoyed the Sizzling Sinigang (click here for my review on the dish) and the GInataang Kaldereta.
It was my first time to try the Ginataang Kaldereta and for the serving and taste, PHP570 wasn’t a bad price to pay. The tender short ribs with stewed tomatoes, marbled potatoes, crunchy French beans, garlic and shallot confit swimming in coconut milk was L-O-V-E. Okay, I’m a bit biased given I love dishes with coconut milk.
Now for the desserts…
The leche flan was your usual custard. For its price I was hoping that it would make my small eyes bigger. But it didn’t. Don’t get me wrong. It was good. But it wasn’t as good as I thought. (Go blame the dishes I tried before which set the bar really high.)
The Turon con Leche was better than the leche flan as it was a different way to enjoy leche flan. Stuffed inside a puff pastry and topped with dulce de leche, it was pretty good. I even ordered one for my sister.

I have yet to try Locavore’s crispy pata. Oh, and I want to try the shot challenge. Till next time, Locavore! And see you again soon, C and E.
Locavore is located at Brixton Technology Center, 10 Brixton Street, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City. For reservations, call  632 9600. 

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