Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Photoshoot 101

It’s almost Halloween again. Halloween lovers must be busy looking for a last-minute costumes and accessories for the party/ies they will be attending. Well, as a person who hardly attends parties, I prefer to celebrate Halloween with a mini photo shoot.
 It has been a tradition for me and my sister to have a mini Halloween photo shoot to celebrate the eerie day. We’d wear our creepiest outfits and posed in the most horrific way. And after a few edits here and there, off it goes to social media.

But how do we come up with Halloween-themed photos?

It all depends on the filters, outfit and location. :)

Step 1: Look for camera apps with grudge and negative look.
Step 2: Venue, venue, venue.
You may be lucky and find a well while on vacation but there are times when you can do it somewhere near your place. Like a random washroom. (Yes, it’s a bit disgusting though.)
Step 3: Pick your “costume”. Think of what ghosts like to be seen with. Black or white are your best bet.
Step 4: Make an ugly face.
Heeey! You’re supposed to look dead right?

Short hair? No problem. Just say, "aaaaah!"
And that’s how you take Halloween-themed photos.


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