Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: Moku Japanese Cuisine

I have been planning to visit the Japanese restaurant on the second floor of the Korean restaurant Lee Hak but the pull of the other restaurants in Kapitolyo was just too strong. But I finally had the chance to visit Moku Japanese Cuisine a few Fridays back when the crazy traffic made us stay in Pioneer.

I was famished. Crazy famished. In short, I was in my HANGRY state. It took us a while to realize that the only way to get inside Moku is through Lee Hak. The guard told us we have to ride an elevator and there ARE NO ELEVATORS in Pioneer Center. I know. I’m a Pioneer Center girl. Anyway, we circled around the area for 10 minutes or so before we realize that we have to get inside the Korean restaurant to get in the Japanese restaurant. There is definitely a lack of signages. Grr.

Hello, Moku. I had a hard time finding you.
I was delighted though with the set up. It was prettier than I thought it would be. There were three (or was it four) teppan tables in the middle and several tables with comfy couches on the side.

I quickly ordered the following: Teppan/Maki/Sushi (PHP1180), Salmon Sashimi (PHP290), Cold Soba (PHP250). My sister ordered Oyakodon (PHP220) as she’s not too keen with teppanyaki. We also ordered house iced tea.
The iced tea arrived first and it was… bland. Oh well. At least it won’t make us thirsty.
The teppan master (I’m not really sure how they are called) asked us if we want a “performance” and we said yes. Hey, take advantage of it! Teppan meals are not cheap. (Well, he failed a few times but it was still entertaining.)
We enjoyed watching him throw stuff in the air while we munch on our crisp salad. I liked it so much that I also ate my sister’s share.
The miso soup was your usual miso soup.
They then served some Korean side dishes. I got slightly confused there. But hey, free food!
The salmon sashimi arrived next and it was thick and fresh. I enjoyed it a lot! It was bliss. <3 However, they seem to have some intense hatred with wasabi. They placed too much on my dip.
The bean sprouts and the beef teppan went well together. The beef was juicy and was cooked well. It doesn’t even need to be dipped in the sauce.
My mom enjoyed the fried rice. So I gave her mine.
My sister loved her order. The chicken though was slightly bland for my taste.
The sushi and maki arrived late and again, there was wasabi overload. After a while, I just can’t eat it anymore as I have low tolerance for spicy food. So we asked them to remove the wasabi for us.
The cold soba was great too. The clean and refreshing taste is the very reason why I love ordering this. I have yet to meet a person who enjoys it as much as I do.

The server returned with a new plate of maki and sushi and they practically gave us a complete set again! I would have been so delighted if I was still hungry. But I was so full. So, the brilliant foodie in me did this.
Overall, it was a pleasant dinner experience. I’ll definitely visit again.

Moku Japanese Cuisine is located at 2nd Floor, 8006 Pioneer St. corner United St. Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City. (You have to enter Lee Hak to get to the second floor.)

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