Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Restaurant Discovery: Spätzle Euro Market Café

It has been my goal to visit all the new restaurants I see. Thus, I’m in food heaven every time I get to pass by an area filled with restaurants I have never seen before. True, my wallet will be screaming for help (and perhaps my tummy at some point will too) but I just love the feeling of discovering new food, new tastes, new love. 
It has been weeks already when I first saw Spätzle Euro Market Café. I have been planning to dine there for quite a while but the people I’m with always want to try something else. But thankfully, I was able to convince my mom one day to dine there before watching Despicable Me 2 (yes, I’m finally in after a week of not getting the “bottom” joke).
So finally… hello, Spätzle Euro Market Café!

We easily got a table but after a few minutes, we noticed that there was a line outside waiting to get seated.

The menu is quite simple and I easily ordered Smoked Salmon Benny (PHP350) simply because of one word… “salmon”. My mom on the other hand ordered the Roasted Chicken Sausage (PHP295). We also ordered a glass of All Natural Citrus Cooler Soda (PHP145) and Watermelon Slush (PHP105). For dessert, the Zucchini Cream Cheese (PHP110) caught my eye.

First served were our drinks and I knew it! I didn’t like my drink. I was hesitant when I read sparkling water. I am not fond of sparkling water and combining it with mint leaves and citrus fruits with honey made me cringe a bit. But since I was told that it’s one of their bestsellers, I decided to give it a try. At least now I know the taste and that I won’t order it again.

As for the watermelon slush, it’s your typical watermelon shake though there’s this after taste I just can’t describe. One thing’s for sure though, it’s a bit pricey for the serving.

My mom’s sausage dish was served next.

I’m not sure if I was just too excited for my salmon but I didn’t like her dish. It had this you’ll-get-tired-of-it-easily taste (which we Filipinos call “umay”). The chicken though was cooked well and the gravy wasn’t salty at all. I guess it simply wasn’t the dish I was craving for that night.

It took over 30 minutes to serve my food and we had to follow up thrice but upon serving my smoked salmon benny, I realized one thing… it was worth the wait.

The fragrant smell of toasted brioche bread, the chewy mushrooms, the soft salmon, the tangy salad dressing and that oh so lovely soft boiled egg wrapped in crunchy bread crumbs… a taste of heaven! I enjoyed every bite. And I can’t wait to have more of that.

But enough of my new favorite dish and let’s go to dessert!

Zucchini isn’t really something that would come to mind when I think of dessert, let alone cake. But since it was something weird and I just love anything weird, despite my mom’s (also) weird looks, I gave it a try.

The texture reminded me of carrot cake. Actually, it tasted somehow like carrot cake. I could hardly taste the zucchini. I guess the creamcheese’s taste was too overpowering. But I enjoyed it a lot.

I’ll definitely visit Spätzle again but I’ll probably ask for house water next time.

Spätzle Euro Market Café is located at 5th floor, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.

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