Tuesday, July 9, 2013

First Bite: Buffalo's Wings N' Things

Chicken has an amazing charm on kids. Most kids just adore chicken, especially if the word fried comes along with it. Buffalo chicken wings are another story though as it is slightly spicier compared to its well-loved fried chicken goodness.
I’ve heard a lot of good things about Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things from a colleague of mine. So when I saw it in SM Megamall, I decided to give it a chance and dragged my family with me.
The place was pretty small and the menu’s pretty simple. Burgers, fries, nachos and chicken wings, that’s it. It was nothing fancy so ordering was a breeze. I ordered for everyone and chose the mild flavoured wings namely K-Pop (sweet), Garlic Parmesan, and Honey BBQ for the Triple Sampler (PHP409). I also ordered a basket of fries (PHP99) and two cups of NY Dirty Rice (PHP39). 
Service was quite quick and it was great as we were famished. First served were the fries and it was served piping hot!
Next were wings and rice. I noticed that the rice had an odd smell. To some it may smell repulsive. I gave it a shot and it was quite spicy (well, I have a low tolerance for anything spicy). 

Now for the chicken wings
I first tried the Garlic Parmesan as I adore garlic. Unfortunately, it wasn’t seasoned well. I wasn’t able to get a taste of neither the garlic nor the parmesan. In short, it was bland.
The Honey Barbeque on the other hand has this sweet and slightly spicy taste. It was a lot more flavorful than the Garlic Parmesan. It was just a tad messy to eat given that it was oozing with sauce.
I preferred K-Pop the most as it had the right amount of flavour plus it balanced out the spicy rice. It was sweet and it reminded me of chicken barbeque only it had a crunchier texture.
Overall, the food was okay but I was expecting a bit more basing it on how much my colleague raved about it. It’ll probably take me some time before I decide to dine here again.

Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things is located at the Lower Ground, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. It is beside Aji Ichiban and in front of the mall’s food court.

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