Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CRONUT MANIA: Dunkin Donuts

Manila is now officially cronut crazy. You see it everywhere! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even on the news. It all started with Wildflour Cafe then other players joined the bandwagon. And finally Dunkin' Donuts decided to join the fun.
I've always wanted to try a cronut but it's so hard to get hold of one since it's always sold out. They say that it takes time to make a batch and that's the reason behind the very limited quantity. It doesn't even last 30 minutes for some stores. *sigh* But thanks to Instagram, I discovered something... Dunkin' Donuts now sell cronuts! 
I immediately called 988-7288 (Dunkin' Donuts' delivery hotline) and asked if they still have stock and lucky me! They still have stock of one of the two flavors. For only PHP75, I decided to buy 2 in case I get to fall in love with it.
I can't wait to try it ASAP! *I got too excited and had to share it with you all first!*

(For those who are wondering what cronut means, it is croissant and doughnut hybrid created by pastry chef Dominique Ansel. It has been so popular that the line in his bakeshop is so long you can spot A-list celebrities waiting to get hold of his sinful creation.)

Image with price is from the Dunkin' Donuts Philippines website


  1. At first it was really hard then I decided to heat it. It then became soft and more fragrant. I went to cronut heaven! For PHP75, not bad at all. :)


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