Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Smorgasburg: A Foodie Destination

I love weekend markets! I just do not like that it closes so early. I want to munch and munch (then digest) and munch some more! While traveling, it never occurred to me that I will be visiting a weekend market. But the video R sent was just too convincing that despite being tired from walking and the long 2 hour travel from Staten Island to Manhattan, N and I just couldn’t help but gooooo~
Why hello there, Brooklyn Bridge!
It was easy to spot Smorgasburg as it is located very near the famous Brooklyn Bridge. I instantly fell in love with the brick walls surrounding the open food market.
Our eyes sparkled seeing a lot of promising food vendors. There’s this concessionaire that sells ADOBONG LUMPIA (6 rolls for $7) and there’s this kiosk that sells amazing BEEF BRISKET ($10 per sandwich). But I’m getting too excited. 

Presenting… Smorgasburp, I mean Smorgasburg.
We did not roam around first as careful foodies would do as our plan was attack everywhere and make thy tummy full!
Our first stop was the Lumpia Shack. Since they prepare it on the spot, we had to wait for a few minutes before we got our order. For $7 it was a bit pricey for me. But I guess it was pretty affordable for New Yorkers. 
I love how it tasted like adobo. There’s a little battle of sweetness and saltiness. There were also bits of jalapeno but N got rid of it. Yey! <3
Since we were about to attack more, I decided to buy a drink. I couldn’t find one I fancy so I decided to go for this Ginger Beer as the container looked cute (and I have a weakness with cute stuff!). One cup costs $4 and it tasted… weird. It had this sparkling soda feeling but it was also a tad bitter.
While N was in line for the Beef Brisket, I decided to buy Porchetta. It costs $6 per sandwich. The porchetta was quite savory (and oily at the same time) but the sandwich was just too hard and the flour was just too messy to eat while walking.
Now for the beef brisket… it was LOVE. The meat was very tender and flavorful. Adding pickled cucumber and onions made it even more extraordinary! I just love it. I would have bought another one if only there were only a few more kiosks to check.
We then went to the other side of the market and saw a really long line for roast beef. But since we already had beef brisket, we decided not to brave the long line and check the other stalls.
And then we spotted Landhaus which serves Grass-fed Lamburger ($8). 
Again, this kiosk cooks on the spot so we had to wait for a bit. But while waiting, another stall caught my eyes and since N and I were both thirsty, we decided to order Malted Balls and Dark Chocolate milkshakes ($5.50 each) from Milk Truck.
The lamburger was pretty okay. It was really juicy. Though our taste buds got so spoiled by the beef brisket.
N’s malted balls tasted more like vanilla while mine was a tad sweeter than I expected from “dark chocolate”. 
Nonetheless, we both finished our drinks and that made us really full and marked the end of our Smorgasburp… (argh) I mean Smorgasburg adventure.
R's Fried Clams. He got one of the last few servings. It was such a hit with the locals!
Special thanks to R for touring us that day! :)

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