Monday, December 10, 2012

Take 2: Porto's

Give me a P! An O! An R! A T! An O! An S! Put them all together and what does it spell? Porto’s!!! I have been reunited with my all-time favorite love… Porto’s! But I was even more pleasantly surprised when we passed by a Porto’s branch I have never been to before and it was… bigger. *twirls*
Hello, Porto’s! It has been a while, a long while.
We went to the Porto’s branch in Downey and despite the fact that the place will be closing in about half an hour, the place was still very busy and packed with hungry customers, all willing to wait just to savor the yummy breads and pastries of this well-loved bakery.
N and I patiently waited in line while stretching our necks to see which ones to buy. Actually, I did most of the stretching as N had his tummy set for dinner.

I remembered T and K’s suggested Midnight Sandwich ($4.25) over dinner at The Stinking Rose while I was raving how much I love potato balls. So, I ordered one. :)
Of course, my trip wouldn’t be complete without ordering a half dozen of potato balls ($0.90 per piece) and cheese rolls ($0.70 per piece)! I also decided to get a Checkers cake ($2.95 per slice).  
The Midnight Sandwich was a bit smaller than I imagined. Stuffed with slow roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese, butter, mustard, and pickles, it sure would fix your midnight craving. For some odd reason though, we can’t seem to reheat the sandwich right. The bread was already brown and crisp but the pork is still pretty much lukewarm. Yet, it sure was one good sandwich as the pork and ham were soft and the saltiness and tanginess made this one interesting sandwich.
The Checkers cake reminded me of tiramisu. It wasn’t something that I would crave soon but I love the chocolate ganache.
The potato balls and cheese rolls are still my favorites. I just love how the meat and the mashed potato go well together with the crunchy breading. The cheese rolls on the other hand makes me smile because of the tanginess of the cheese yet gets offset by the sugar on top of the roll. Definitely YUMMY.
Well, Porto’s… I will see you again… soon. <3

For Porto’s branches and complete menu, visit

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