Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nav Modern Thai Cuisine Revisited!

For some reason, I had this strong craving for vodka last Saturday. I thought that I hit jackpot when I saw several bottles of chocolate vodka in our pantry only to discover that it was long overdue to be thrown out. Since I was too lazy to go down, I decided to read a book instead. Yes, that did kill my craving… not. So come Sunday, when my friends and I decided to have dinner at Nav, I asked them if we could order at least one drink… and we did. [Note: I am not an alcoholic. I just needed a drink that weekend.]

Hello again NAV!

Nothing seemed to have changed since I last visited the restaurant way back July 2011. It still has the predominant green walls and the quirky clock which I now know came from Dimensione. The menu is still the same as well.

We decided to order the following dishes: Son-In-Law Eggs (PHP180), Shrimp rolls (PHP250), Crisped Catfish with Green Mangoes (PHP245), NAV’s Pad Thai (PHP280), and some NAV KickersPhuket (PHP220) for A, Bangkok (PHP220) for L, and Patpong (PHP220) for me.


First served was the Son-In-Law Eggs, hard boiled eggs in tamarind sauce. It sure was good. The soft eggs (ironic since it’s “hard” boiled eggs but anyway) went really well with the sauce.


Next served was the Shrimp rolls and I noticed that they changed the red orange sauce to their homemade sweet sauce. Everything else remained the same, the huge rolls stuffed with vermicelli noodles and shrimp meat. Definitely worth it for the price.


The Crisped Catfish with Green Mangoes was also a good appetizer. The various textures, chewy and tangy green mangoes and crunchy (and dry) catfish went well together. I just hope that they added a bit more sauce to make the catfish, well, less dry.


The Pad Thai was definitely filling. The noodles were thick and NAV didn’t hesitate serving it with a generous amount of toppings. The crunchy peanuts, sweet sauce, well-cooked noodles, *sigh* it was love.

Now for something new… the NAV Kickers!

We agreed not to touch our drinks till all kickers were served and Bangkok arrived after 20 minutes! We were parched! After doing what girls who eat together (or maybe it’s just us) do—take a group photo of their orders—we started to taste our drinks.


L’s drink is quite minty while A’s drink has a very Chinese touch to it—lychees.

I couldn’t really describe their drinks as I wasn’t able to taste it but I could confidently say that my Patpong is LOVE. While Bangkok and Phuket both have Vodka, mine has gin. (I was informed that my drink’s alcohol level is stronger and according to my other friends, it actually depends on what kind of gin or vodka they use.)


Patpong has a combination of red grapes, pomelo and gin. It was actually very sweet and I wasn’t able to taste the alcohol at all. It was really yummy. A bit sweet but really good. (Then again, I can imagine what could happen if I order two or three more of that. Zzzzzzz.)

Before paying, the crew gave us a free dessert, pandan crème! It still tastes as good as my favorite egg pie with a hint of pandan. Yum! Nav has done it again… a happy tummy.

Thanks, A, for the treat! I love you, friend!

Nav is located at United St. Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City (Across Pioneer Center and Ace Water Spa).

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