Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Chicken Across the Road: Smoper Chicken

Ever since Bon Chon became a hit here in Manila, several “twice fried” chicken restaurants appeared… practically everywhere. Which reminds me, there’s this place at SM North Edsa that I’ve been eying for some time now but I keep on forgetting. Let me stop myself now as I’m getting off topic.

On our way to a client presentation, my officemates A1 and A2 kidded that they want to have merienda (fine, late lunch). Our AE, C gamely said that she wants to eat too as she skipped lunch which sounded like lovely chimes to A1 and A2’s ears. Motivated, we were all energetic during the presentation.
After the presentation, A1 and A2 reminded C of her word and so like little kids, we looked for a restaurant. Actually, we didn’t look far as we just crossed the street and discovered…SMOPER CHICKEN.

The place looks new though the concept isn’t. But hey, my grumbling tummy didn’t complain.

When we entered, the menu is very similar with Bon Chon’s. The chicken is categorized to parts and pieces. There are also options to have it garlic, spicy or soy garlic. I noticed though that they offer sandwiches so I tried the Chicken Sandwich with Fries (PHP150, drink included).

In a few minutes, our orders arrived but mine arrived last.
I was delighted that the fries included were not the typical store-bought frozen fries. The fries were the thick freshly cut ones that I just love! But enough of the fries.  
The chicken sure was crunchy and the skin was quite sweet just like Bon Chon. The difference though is that the taste lingers even without the skin. My only problem with the sandwich was that the bread was too big. I ended up eating just one side of the bun and the chicken.

Nonetheless, I think I just found a nice and affordable chicken place around The Fort.

Smoper Chicken is located at One McKinley Place, 26th Street corner4th Ave. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

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