Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Restaurant Discovery: 'Cue Modern Barbeque

Last Thursday was a breath of fresh air. I was almost out the whole day as I had a lunch out with F at Thai Dara, a client meeting at Chili’s, and dinner at one of the newest restaurants in town, 'Cue Modern Barbeque.
Thanks to Frannywanny and FCO, I managed to try out this new restaurant at The Fort. A and I arrived an hour late due to traffic, parking lot confusion, and getting lost. (A kept on mentioning that she was famished and I couldn’t really say the same as I was still quite stuffed with all of the food I had at Chili’s.)
Our gracious host, FCO welcomed us and brought us to our table and ordered for us. He told us to try the following: Crunchy Baby Squids (PHP265), Bone Marrow and Steak Tacos (PHP485), The ‘Cue Caesar Salad Bowl (Half PHP205, Whole PHP345), Chicken Chipotle Chorizo Pot Pie (PHP325), The Baby Back Ribs (Half Slab PHP645, Full Slab PHP1,185), and Chocolate Pecan Cheesecake (PHP245). For drinks, A wasn’t very adventurous so she opted to have Grapes n’ Ginger, without the ginger (PHP135) while I had Mango n’ Basil (PHP135).
The Crunchy Baby Squids arrived first and it looked like your typical calamari.
It was crunchy yet also a bit salty. The squid used was fresh and it was not the gummy-my-jaws-are-getting-tired type of squid. The garlic mayo dip though set it apart from the rest. It made me crave for rice!
Interesting ceiling
The next dish served was so good yet so sinful as well.  The photo alone screams HIGH BLOOD.
But this is a must order dish! The tender and well seasoned meat, a bit of that bone marrow plus roasted corn salsa and sweet and spicy salsa verde makes this dish worth all the cholesterol. I swear! 
Wrapping all these in those cute little soft tortillas makes it one unforgettable meal. 
The ‘Cue Caesar Salad intrigued me when I found out that it has bagoong as its dressing. I never had a salad with that as a dressing before. Thus, as an adventurous foodie, I was really excited to try it.
I was puzzled when it was placed on our table. I wasn’t able to see or smell the bagoong dressing. They tweaked the bagoong a bit to make it creamier thus losing the strong scent it is known for. Actually, the bagoong taste was very subtle. I think it would have been more interesting if it has a stronger bagoong flavor.
We were already full when the ribs arrived. We were actually hoping that they forgot about it as FCO ordered it a few minutes after the first few dishes. But they didn’t forget.
The ribs were really really tender and flavorful. It had the sweet yet spicy barbeque taste that people crave when eating ribs
Slicing the meat off was effortless as the meat was cooked really well. Definitely worth the price tag! It even comes with a side dish. We had spicy monggo soup as the side dish and it was too spicy for us that we had to skip it.
The pot pie arrived a few minutes after the ribs and it looked like a soufflé. (Cute bowl.) The pot pie reminded me of Chicken ala King. It was creamy and had bits of carrots, onions, and celery. I find it a bit light to the tummy but ideal for those who do not want to stuff themselves late at night.
Finally, we have reached dessert. The Chocolate Pecan Cheesecake was delightful! It had this sweet yet tangy taste that I love in cheesecakes. The caramel drizzled on top of the cake made it even more heavenly. The cheesecake was oozing with flavor and the crust added texture to the soft cheesecake. (Gosh, now I’m drooling!)
My Mango n' Basil was very refreshing. The basil taste was very subtle though.
I will definitely go back for the Bone Marrow and Steak Tacos and the desserts! I’ll also give the salmon a try. :)

'Cue is located at 7th Ave. corner 29th Ave., Bonifacio High Street Central, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

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