Monday, May 14, 2012

Figaro Figaro Figa... Milk Tea?

I learned something the hard way last Saturday—NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE SUMMER HEAT AND MOTHER NATURE’S MOOD SWINGS. I joined this amazing race type of activity last Saturday and since the weather seems fine, I decided to skip my trip to the office to get my trusty umbrella. WRONG. Before 4PM I was red as a tomato and my shoulders look like it was victimized by a mad makeup artist obsessed with blush on. To make things worse, we got caught in Mother Nature’s wrath while on a boat in NAVOTAS. I always tell myself that I will never join EVER AGAIN but for some reason, I find myself registering… yet again. *Darn my Dora the Explorer self!* Anyway, back to the “summer heat”, did you know that Figaro now serves milk tea? Well, they do.

Wintermelon Frost with Classic Tea… my new favorite drink.
I first got to try this new drink of Figaro during a meeting. My impression of the Wintermelon Frost with Classic Tea (PHP100) which I now baptize thee as WFCT was that it didn’t taste like milk tea at all as it was more of a “sago’t gulaman” drink with the shaved ice and really sweet syrup. It wasn’t much as a thirst quencher but more of a dessert. But it went well with the mildly spiced potato chips. Munching on the sinkers and the popping bobba though was deeeeelightful!

I gave it another shot yesterday and specifically asked the server if they could lessen the syrup as it was too much for me. End result? I LOVED IT. That’s the key then; tone it down a bit to make it one perfect drink this summer (sort of since it already began to rain)!

P.S. Do you love Serenitea, Mochiko, Pinkerton, and Pint? Catch them at Yummy Eats this May 26, Saturday at The Rockwell Tent. See you there! :)

Wintermelon Frost with Classic Tea is available at all Figaro stores.


  1. hi mary love! until what time is the yummy event? thanks!

    1. It's from 10am to 9pm. :) Hope to see you there! :)


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